Crypto news: a millionaire will build a city run on Etherum

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Are you one of those who has absolute faith in cryptocurrencies? Maybe not as much as this millionaire who bought around 67,000 acres for $ 170 million in northern Nevada to build a utopian city based on blockchains, according to the latest crypto news.

Although the future city has only a few holes dug out of what promises to be its foundations, Jeffery Berns, the author of this idea, believes that it will be a city free of that devil capitalism in which we live. Discover how the future city will be inspired by cryptocurrencies.

Some wild horses still run across the meadows where Jeffrey Berns looks at. He imagines the community that will live in his futuristic city. Bern is a lawyer but has become a millionaire thanks to his investments in cryptocurrency.

Currently, Berns owns Blockchains LLC, a company with little history in the cryptocurrency market that started being known thanks to a crypto news report published by the New York Times. 

In the same crypto news report, Berns talks about his life project, a city that will run on Etherum blockchain with a decentralized infrastructure that will allow a community to live free of the capitalism that rules the world nowadays.

Crypto news blockchain city
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects and Tom Wiscombe Architecture

According to Berns, the city will not be regulated by a central government or large corporations, but by the citizens who will use cryptocurrencies to create an autonomous economic system.

The firms responsible for making Berns' dream a reality are firms Tom Wiscombe Architecture and Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects , whose website already shows some renders of the project.

According to both architecture firms, the smart city will have a decentralized blockchain underlying infrastructure.

The concept aims to create an area where business can be done and, at the same time, will create a strong awareness of the community along with emerging technologies.

This technological Dubai in Nevada aims to guarantee its inhabitants efficiency, sustainability, transparency, and provenance.

Residents will interact through state-of-the-art technologies and blockchain technology will regulate this interaction to encourage an honest, fair and democratic system.

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The design of the smart city

According to the crypto news report from the New York Times, the city will be designed with large indoor civic spaces and shady green patios where the community will socialize, discuss, learn and promote the creation of disruptive ideas.

Transportation within the city will be autonomous and besides having cars moving between the streets, they will be also able to travel through the larger buildings. All the cars in this crypto-city will be electric. Maybe it's not a coincidence that the city will be built very close to Tesla's Gigafactory.

The fact that all vehicles in the city will be electric and autonomous is part of a concept which tries to create a pedestrian experience focused on the human being by creating a safe, quiet and clean environment, instead of designing a city for cars.

The city will be structured with family houses and multi-family buildings. Everything will be interconnected to create a community conscience, including civic centers, schools, and shopping centers.

The energy that will feed the city will come from renewable sources such as solar energy and air. Also, the water will be recycled to make the most of it.

Due to the fact that a regenerative design concept will be applied to the city, the designers will look for the city to mimic the desert. Which means that buildings will be integrated into the landscape to connect the inhabitants with the environment and its beauty.

Crypto news coming from the habitat of the future

The next futuristic city in the Nevada desert will offer its inhabitants multiple innovative technologies, such as a high-tech Blockchains campus built with artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and nanotechnology.

Blockchain city
A high-tech Blockchains campus will be part of the new blockchain city

Residential units must be able to provide accommodation for thousands of people, as well as facilities for financial, commercial and retail concepts based on emerging technologies. Would you like to move here? Don't forget to check our latest crypto news.

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