Technology and digital trends: what will we see in 2019?

They say "new year, new life" and regarding digital trends, in 2019 we will see the launch of new technologies that have been cooked for a while in research laboratories around the world. The technology disruption of 2019 will be led by topics such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, quantum computing, and the blockchain. In this article, we'll review some of the most exciting digital trends that are waiting for us next year in the IT field.


  • 05. 02. 2019
  • 5 min read
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Exciting digital trend: Artificial intelligence and machine learning

According to Forbes, AI together with machine learning will increase the efficiency in using information. Data analysis is the key for companies to make appropriate decisions in fields such as products, services, strategies, human resources, infrastructure and more. Unfortunately, only between 0.5 and 1% of the available data is analyzed and used effectively.

The acceleration of artificial intelligence and machine learning are priority technologies for companies. It is expected that between 2019 and 2020 the process and the use of the information will improve significantly, jumping tentatively from 1% to 3%.

This seemingly low increase will revolutionize the quality of services, industrial processes, decision making, and will accelerate the advancement of medicine, among many other benefits. Definitely one of the most exciting digital trends to come.

The blockchain challenge

According to the latest technology and digital trends news, it seems that the blockchain will be consolidated in 2019 as one of the most effective systems to carry out transactions.

The biggest advantage of Blockchain is that by using irrevocable transaction records signed cryptographically and shared by all members of a network, transactions are safer and cheaper for companies since banks are not required.

Although the main application of blockchain focuses on the financial field, it is expected that in 2019 this technology will be consolidated in other sectors such as the health, governmental and commercial, among others.

Blockchain promises a remarkable improvement in the reduction of transaction time and cash flow. The development and adoption of the blockchain are expected to generate around $3.1 billion in 2030.

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Quantum computing will be closer

It seems that the battle to create the first stable quantum computer will live another exciting chapter in 2019 technology and digital trends. With giants like IBM leading the development of quantum computing, it seems that soon we will begin to see some applications influenced by this technology.

The director of research at IBM, Arvind Krishna, points out that the main companies involved in computer development are taking the necessary steps to declare themselves “quantum ready” and take a great leap into a new computer age.

For Krishna, quantum computers have ceased to be science fiction to become a reality. Also, he said that soon we will see the roadmap of IBM Q, the first quantum business program that promises amazing results in business.

Augmented reality disruption thanks to 5G

The creation of the necessary infrastructure for the launch of the 5G network is on the way and countries like Germany expect to have the benefits of this technology in 2019. The scale of the 4G network to 5G will notably improve the speed of data transmission and will wake up technologies that were a little asleep.

That is the case of the AR, which will experience a kind of resurrection. The 5G network will not only improve data download times on mobile devices but will allow the arrival of AR Cloud.

The AR Cloud will change our interaction with the physical world through our mobile phones or any other device capable of processing AR.

The painful Cloud integration

In 2019, the viability of connected clouds will be one of the most recurrent issues in the IT areas.

The adoption of the cloud made companies realize that it is not enough to store everything in a public, private or data centre, but it is necessary to integrate the three cloud variants. 2019 will be a decisive year for the improvement of connected clouds.

If this is done, companies will have storage capacity, networks, security and implementation of applications in an integrated cloud.

Some providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba have started offering options that cover the integration demand.

The Multicloud will become one of the digital trends and will increase the productivity and profits of companies.

Better experiences with Chatbots

A chatbot is a program that simulates having a conversation with a person. The chatbot provides automatic answers to the user’s sentences or questions. Normally the conversation with a chatbot is through text although there are already multimedia interfaces.

However, the experience with a chatbot has not been good enough to excite users. This situation might change in 2019 thanks to AI and NLP. Developers use NLP to substantially improve natural language processing and user sentiment analysis.

This will allow numerous services without human workers. It is estimated that 40% of the largest companies will adopt NLP together with AI by the end of 2019.

Although there is controversy regarding the displacement of the workforce by a set of machines programmed with NLP, it is still a long way before humans are replaced completely by this kind of technology. However, it will be one of the most exciting digital trends next year.

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