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IoT Devices vs Hackers: How to Be Safe in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is becoming a challenge for security experts as our IoT devices are not yet ready for a hacker attack. Continue reading

8+ of the BEST Web Monitoring Tools in 2019 (Free and Paid)

We've compared the pros and cons of some of the best free web monitoring tools out there, and added some recommendations for more complexed platforms that can also monitor content, clouds, or SSL. Continue reading

DDoS Attacks: New Trends and the Importance of Defending Yourself

A DDoS attack still can put upside down any business as hackers find new ways to infiltrate the strongest systems. Find out more about DDoS attacks today. Continue reading

2019 cyber threats trends

Are you excited about what technology will bring in 2019? Wait! More dangerous cyber threats are coming as well. Continue reading

Don’t Get Swept Away: The Most Common DDoS Attacks are SYN and UDP Floods

It’s not easy to stand your ground against DDoS attacks. It’s best to be ready and know the methods of your attackers. Read about two most common types of DDoS – UDP and SYN floods. Continue reading

DDoS attacks are stronger and more frequent than ever. Admins must protect their servers

Admins were kept very busy these last few months. There have been more DDoS attacks on servers lately, and they were stronger and lasted longer than ever before. Continue reading

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