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How 5G will move the cloud to the next level

5G will arrive to make your life faster and easier in harmony with the cloud. We'll explain you why. Continue reading

How to backup cloud servers? Find it out here

Discover the difference between a cloud server backup and a physical one and get to know which vendors can help you with it. Continue reading

The future of augmented reality technology will be in the cloud

Get to know how the integration of augmented reality into the cloud will change your interaction with the world. Continue reading

Get to know Shodan, the scariest Search Engine on the Internet

Have you ever heard of Shodan? Discover why it is considered the devil inside the internet of things! Continue reading

IP address: how does it work and five tools to browse anonymously

This is what you should know about your IP address and some effective ways to protect your privacy when browsing anonymously. Continue reading

How to start using OpenStack

Find out how the basic OpenStack architecture works and the current possibilities to start using it. Continue reading

Darkness for dummies: differences between the Dark web and the Deep web

Both of them are like a black hole but they are a little bit different. Take a look into the Dark Web and the Deep Web. Continue reading

Cloud technology in cars can save your life and make it more enjoyable

The next automotive revolution will happen thanks to the cloud technology in cars. Find out why. Continue reading

How to Build a Company Data Center: Part Three

Your data center is almost done. Both the building and the hardware are ready. But how do you breathe life into it all? Read the final part of a guide made by our resident experts to find out. Continue reading

Neogenia: The cloud is amazing. We’re always trying to come up with yet another use for it

Neogenia from Brno is very satisfied with our cloud solution. Why did they choose it and how did the migration go? Learn about their experience from Neogenia’s CTO Jan Simecky. Continue reading

Explained: How OpenStack works and six reasons you should have a cloud on this platform

Cloud technologies are ruled by OpenStack. An open platform that keeps pushing the cloud ever further. What is it? And what advantages could the “king of cloud” have for your company? Continue reading

Five Fears That Keep Some Companies Away From the Cloud (And How to Get Over Them)

It’s easy to be a bit wary when considering the adoption of a new technology for your company. But with cloud, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here’s how you can get over the five most common fears of the cloud. Continue reading

What is Cloud Elasticity and How Does it Save Your Business Money

Free cooling is the best way data centers can save millions of dollars. Even huge companies such as Facebook or Google have grown fond of this tech. Why is free cooling so brilliant? Continue reading

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