Backup systems

A necessity in every operation

Is the basic additional backup service not enough? Or are you not sure which solution to choose? Contact our storage specialists who besides disk arrays and backup systems will help with SAN (Storage Area Network) installation or with NAS (Network Attached Storage) implementation.

Complete care of back-ups

If you want to get rid of concerns with back-ups, our certified administrators will help you. Not only we order the whole system, supply and set it up, but we also take care of its management.

We design and build

There is a suitable solution for every type of customer. We will map the current situation with you, design a backup system and launch it into operation. We work with time-proven Dell EMC technologies in our datacenter and on-site.

Available for consultations

Servers are our field of expertise and for backups, we have trained specialists. We will responsibly advise when to use FCoE and when iSCSI. We are going to analyze all risks and answer your questions.

Typical backup system

The core of the backup storage system is typically a storage server with 99.95% availability, which can be set in managed mode with complete management. For demanding clients we recommend the server configuration Dell R730xd. Server access is via NFS or iSCSI protocol by default, according to client preferences. Such a system is very advantageous as per the price/performance ratio. We always remind our customers that such systems for backup storage cannot replace disk arrays designed for storing production data.

Time-proven technologies

Why SAN?

Storage Area Network allows low latency and high bandwidth when connected to the storage. If you are looking for a long-term solution which will not be easy to outgrow, SAN is the ideal choice. Do you welcome opportunities to reduce costs? There is also a possibility to rent a part of the infrastructure.

  • High availability
  • High IOPS
  • Suitable for variable storage capacity requirements
  • Geographically separate from the operational data
  • Quick access to data

Administrator advises

We have experience with FCoE protocol and converged switches Dell EMC, series S5000. We are satisfied with their performance and liability. You do not even need special network cards. Port modules are at disposal from 12 pieces which are satisfactory for most of the clients.

Martin Žídek, Technical Director

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