Backup Solutions

Customised Backup Systems

Is the elementary additional service of backup insufficient and you are not sure which solution to choose? Get in touch with oure storage specialists who will help you not only with disk arrays and backup systems, but also with the SAN (Storage Area Network) architecture and NAS (Network Attache Storage) implementation.

Reasons to consider MasterDC backup system of your own

What data do the customers store in our centres?

  • Application data
  • Source data
  • Databases
  • Business confidential data
  • Archive materials and documents
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Media files
  • Audio and video
  • Medical reports

We take care of customers’ physical and virtual servers. We build backup systems on dedicated server or RAID disk array as you require. Regardless whether you need to store less data and have acces to them day by day, or whether you want to cast and/or archive more data.

How can we help you?


We will design the infrastructure for backups and get it going

Each and every customer requires individual approach. Together we outline the currect state, deisgnate backup system and start it running. We work with proven Dell EMC technologies both in our data centres and in the customer’s place. Meaning at your place.


We will help you to select the right software

In course of many years, we have tried dozens of backup applications. We know their strengths and weaknesses. We helped to develop VMxom backup app and test the environment of our public cloud. We keep track of freely available software for backup and archive.


We will arrange the function and take care of the backup completely

Do you want to leave the worries about backup behind once and for all? Our certified administrators will be happy to help. Not only do we get the whole system running in temrs of infrastructure. We will set up the backup in order to make sense and to create solely the copies of genuinely necessary data.


We are available for consultations as well

Servers are our daily bread; we have trained specialists in backups. We responsibly commend when it is suitable to choose FCoE and on the contrary, when to go for iSCI protocol. We analyse potential risks and answer all you questions. Whether or not you have a server in our data centre.

Dedicated physical server or disk array and SAN

If you are searching for a long-term and efficient solution that will not be easy to surpass, SAN is a perfect choice. However, for plentiful customers the backup system based on the Dell R730xd configured server with the access via NFS or iSCI might be sufficient.

Dedicated Storage Server

  • the whole server is just for you
  • 99.95 % availability
  • favorable price / performance ratio
  • possible to manage
  • not suitable for production data

Rent of Disk Array and SAN

  • the whole disk array (or a part of it) just for you
  • 99.99 % high availability
  • low latency, broadband
  • high IOPS
  • quick access to data (including the operating ones)
  • suitable for variable requirements on storage capacity
  • the second geographically seperated location
  • possible to manage
  • higher price

What might the backup system look like?

We use proven technologies

  • Dell EMC SC Series (=Compellent)
  • Dell EMC PS series (=Equallogic)
  • Converged Dell EMC S5000 (FCoE)
  • Dell EMC PowerConnect (iSCSI)

We have had good experience with FCoE protocol and a converged Dell EMC, S5000 series switches. We are content with their performance and reliability. No special network cards are necessary for implementation. Port modules are available of up to 12 pieces, which is generally sufficient for most customers.

Get in touch and we will discuss it together