Site Recovery

For our cloud customers, we offer a complete system backup to another location. This invaluable form of backup comes into play in case of a fatal failure of the primary data center, since the entire project is asynchronously replicated to another city.

High Availability Solution

The complete data from the primary disk array is replicated to a field in a backup location. The actual number of backups and the backup interval always depends on the specific agreement with the customer.

Backup to a Separate Location

Disk array backup to another location is run asynchronously. And it is the asynchronous backup that can deal with the Prague – Brno distance. Synchronous replication to a remote location, which is only a few miles distant, is meaningless in the event of a natural disaster.

Complete Backup Infrastructure

In case of failure of the primary location, you will not need to wait for your data to be restored from backup. All data in the secondary field is already prepared in advance. And so is the backup infrastructure. We will run your cloud with preserved IP addresses.

Disk Array Replication

We use a reliable Site Recovery Manager (SRM) tool to backup your cloud in a secondary location. This well-established VMware product enables native replication of arrays between two autonomous sites. Whole logical bundles of Dell Compellent are mirrored.

Site Recovery provides a complete replication at the disk array level. Production data from virtual servers is replicated from the primary location to the backup location at regular intervals. With Site Recovery Manager the entire process is fully automated and monitored. It also enables testing without affecting the production infrastructure.

In the secondary location we reserve the same resources for the customer as in the primary location. Since Site Recovery completely replicates production data to the disk array in a different location, there is no need to wait for the data to be restored from backup if there is a failure of the primary location. All data in the secondary field is already prepared in advance. Moreover, older copies can be preserved, which makes it possible to recover a virtual server's file system corrupted due to an operating system error, for example. This way you can operatively return to the last functional version in your backup. A great advantage of Site Recovery is the fact that it is fully transparent to Virtual Servers running in the cloud.

Site Recovery scheme


  • Replication to another location
  • Complete infrastructure including servers
  • Number of backups and interval by agreement, the shortest possible is 15 minutes
  • Choice of the primary data center in Prague or Brno
  • It does not substitute backup
  • It significantly reduces the Recovery Time Objective
  • For relational databases, a consistent state after restoration can not be guaranteed

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