19. 06.2015

In cooperation with suppliers Dell EMC and Intel we have opened a new environmental data halls in the Master DC Brno this week.

Server Halls of a European standard in Master DC Brno consist of an area of ​​almost 400 square meters. They are the first of its kind in the country which use an innovative technology of Liebert Economizer. In both server halls, delivering of cold fresh air from the outside is being used. The fresh air goes through a two-stage filtration directly into the raised floor.

From the perspective of network infrastructure, both server halls are built on an Ethernet fabric L3 leaf-spine architecture with 40 Gb Ethernet standard. Radware DefensePro x420 device ensures the protection against network attacks. The Radware device is thanks to behavioral analysis able to filter and detect the un-known forms of attack. Thanks to this Anti-DDoS protection, customer servers will be available even during massive attacks in the dozens of Gbps.

Smaller server hall has a capacity of more then four dozens of server racks. Mostly Dell EMC PowerEdge R320 servers in different configurations found their place in this hall. They serve as part of OpenStack and VMware cloud platforms with new SAN-based FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet). The second hall with capacity of seven dozens of racks is designed for housing customers of Master Internet.

Opening New Ecological Server Halls in Brno

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