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KVM Virtualisation

A reliable solution with a wide range of additional software options

Open source KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine) technology is used to virtualise servers at the Linux kernel level and therefore correspond to full virtualisation.

Advantages of KVM Virtualisation

Resource administration and distribution

Allocating resources to individual VPSs is very easy and reliable thanks to the connection to Linux. In addition, there are a number of administration interfaces for KVM, of which Proxmox technology is used at Master.

Storage options

Any storage that is supported by Linux can be connected to KVM, including network attached storage NAS. Support for shared file systems, in turn, allows the image of virtual machines to be shared with multiple hosts.

Dynamic (live) migration

With dynamic migration support, it is possible to move running virtual machines between physical servers without interrupting the service. The user will hardly notice the migration.

Supported functions of virtualisation technologies

  Full Virtualisation OS Virtualisation
Platforms KVM, Hyper-V, and VMware LXC
Embedded Virtualisation?Embedded Virtualisation facilitates virtualising VPS and thus enables to create other virtual machines inside of it. Yes No
Containerization (Docker) Yes No
Kernel Module ?Kernel Module requires some of the more advanced applications and services such as DRBD (Distributed Replicated Storage System, which uses linux platform core). Yes No
Kernel Versions   Private   Shared
VPS with KVM Virtualisation offer

VPS with KVM Virtualisation offer

Using KVM technology, we virtualise our powerful Dell and Foxconn servers and thus offer a suitable solution for a wide range of projects. In addition, the parameters can be adjusted exactly to measure in the configurator.

Virtualisation architecture using KVM

Giant to giants

Red Hat’s cooperation with leading IT companies such as Intel or Net App is behind the development of the KVM technology. Due to its reliability and stability, KVM is being used by a number of companies, including the major US bank Wells Fargo or the technology company Oracle.