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Dell Open Networking

Invest in the future of corporate infrastructure and network 

Compared to a common proprietal concept, in Open Networking technologies the hardware is not firmly fixed to the software, which saves expenses and provides more freedom when building an IT infrastructure.

Dell Open Network Advantages

More options of OS

Dell Open Networking provides a possibility of selecting from several vaious operation system, such as DNOS and Cumulus Linux.

Open architecture

Dell Open Networking offers a scalable software-defined infrastructure instead of a traditional three-stage architecture.

Cheaper innovationa and changes

As for an independent HW and SW, it is possible to change the hardware components without so much as purchasing a complementary SW and vice versa.

Dell Networking Operating System (DNOS)

For its products, Dell created its own networking operation system DNOS, which is modular. Individual OS parts work independently in the framework of one switch. In case any of the OS processes fails, it will thus have only limited impact on other switches and their processes.

DELL Server

Disaggregated Solution

A crucial Dell Networking feature is a diaggregation, i.e. separation of hardware from a certain software. That is why it is possible to combine switches and other hardware from Dell Open Networking portfolio with different software on various levels. This provides more freedom in building infrastructure tailored to individual needs.

Dell EMC Server

Switches for the Data Centre

Switches are the key part of the Dell Open Networking portfolio. Of a wide range of Dell switches we particularly use the S and Z types which:

  • Provide a various number of ports up to 100 to 400 GbE
  • Due to a high flexibility, the switches are suitable for data centres of different sizes
  • They are designed to have high performance and very low latency

MasterDC as the very first Dell partner in the CR

We became the very first Prefered Dell Partner in CR in 2013 Which is why we purchase Dell products, including those of Dell Open Networking portfolio, for a reduced price; which is particularly convenient for our customers’ resulting prices of services.

We will help implement Open Networking

We will help implement Open Networking

In order to ensure the maximum quality of services for our clients, switches and other components of Dell Open Networking portfolio are used in our DCs. Moreover, we offer the construction and modernisation of a private data centre or a private company network, which include Dell Open Networking implementation. Send us your requirements and we will get in touch asap to discuss the details.