The right place for your data

MasterDC data centers are modern and secure data centers, which we do not have built as a turnkey project, but we build them ourselves and equip them with proven technologies. Entrance via a code door and a gas fire suppression system is a matter of course. Data center premises are monitored and everything is recorded by security cameras.

Cooling System

In the Master DC we use compressor cooling with several independent cooling circuits, all with a minimum of N+1 redundancy. The temperature is constantly monitored by dozens of temperature sensors connected to our central monitoring system.

Due to free cooling we can also use low outdoor temperatures to cool the data center. This advanced cooling method achieves maximum efficiency at much lower electricity consumption. Instead of a compressor circuit, a glycol heat exchanger is used in the air-conditioning units. As a precaution against extreme load, we have our data centers fitted with wiring for connecting additional cooling units and refrigerated rack cabinets.

A system of cold and hot aisles also contributes to correct airflow in the  server rooms. Cold air is evenly distributed to the rack cabinets through the raised floor from the front, and air heated by the servers is then sucked back into the air conditioning from behind. In order to prevent the mixing of cold and heated air, cold aisles are covered and completely separated from the hot ones.


Connectivity is ensured by several independent inlets for optical fibers. With the provided services we always supply non-aggregated dedicated lines on 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps ports.


Energy Center

Data centers are protected against power failures by transformers backed by several sources of electricity. Full backup is provided by parallel or serially connected UPS units with separate battery modules. In order to overcome a longer power failure, we have diesel generators, which will always run for at least 24 hours without refueling. To involve more diesel units and synchronize their operation, we use an automatic load transfer switch.


Most importantly, we carefully monitor and record what is happening in the data centers. There is the physical security and our support team constantly present in the building. Entrance through a code door is allowed only to customers who prove their identity. Movement of persons around the data center is thereafter monitored and recorded by security cameras. The data center is also equipped with a gas fire suppression system. The FM 200 ecological gas is completely harmless and friendly both to the environment and to the servers.

Unique Rack Cabinets

Both MasterDC data centers have the latest Rittal TS IT rack cabinets. The highest cabinets on the Czech server hosting market, with a capacity of 47 U and dimensions of 600 x 1000 x 2200 mm, enable comfortable mounting due to the new and time-saving Snap-In technology. Before placing the first device, the distance between the front and rear rails can be easily changed simply by sliding them without the use of any tools. On request we can arrange any other size, in particular for deeper and broader servers or 10 U quarter-racks.

The right place for your data