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2020 in IT: Current Trends and Threats

More sophisticated cyberattacks, virtual reality on available hardware and an ever-increasing number of IoT devices. What is trending in IT now and what can we expect from the new decade? Continue reading

IoT Devices vs Hackers: How to Be Safe in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is becoming a challenge for security experts as our IoT devices are not yet ready for a hacker attack. Continue reading

8+ of the BEST Web Monitoring Tools in 2019 (Free and Paid)

We've compared the pros and cons of some of the best free web monitoring tools out there, and added some recommendations for more complexed platforms that can also monitor content, clouds, or SSL. Continue reading

DDoS Attacks: New Trends and the Importance of Defending Yourself

A DDoS attack still can put upside down any business as hackers find new ways to infiltrate the strongest systems. Find out more about DDoS attacks today. Continue reading

SSL-based threats and how to protect yourself

SSL-based threats can open the door to phishing, ransomware and more. Find out how to protect yourself from encrypted atacks. Continue reading

Are you ready? This is how you can disappear from the internet

Want to leave the cyber world? Follow the next steps in the article to erase your digital footprint. Continue reading

New massive Data Breach involves 700 million email accounts

Your email account and passwords might be compromised in this new massive data breach. Get to know why! Continue reading

2019 cyber threats trends

Are you excited about what technology will bring in 2019? Wait! More dangerous cyber threats are coming as well. Continue reading

Best free Windows firewalls to protect your PC

No matter what Windows version you use, these firewalls can help you to keep your PC safe. Continue reading

What is Angler Phishing and how to avoid it

Internet threats are everywhere but Angler Phishing is especially dangerous. Get to know why. Continue reading

5 benefits you will get by migrating your data to the cloud

Are you still considering moving your company to the cloud? We'll tell why you should do it. Continue reading

Technology and digital trends: what will we see in 2019?

An exciting year is coming regarding technology. Take a look at what you can expect in the IT sphere. Continue reading

5 cryptocurrency wallets to keep your digital coins safe

Looking for a place to save those bitcoins? Take a look at the best five cryptocurrency wallets on the market Continue reading

Is your password safe enough? Find out if you are choosing a good one

Maybe that combination of numbers and letters is not protecting you so much. Discover if your password is an open door for crackers. Continue reading

Google Plus is over: it will say goodbye next year

Google Plus has been kind of a dead social network from the beginning and the company has finally realized it. Continue reading

Why is Google preparing to get rid of the URL?

Google is seriously thinking of burying the URL very soon. Discover what is behind this controversial decision. Continue reading

Get to know Shodan, the scariest Search Engine on the Internet

Have you ever heard of Shodan? Discover why it is considered the devil inside the internet of things! Continue reading

What is Cyber Blitzkrieg and why is it important to avoid it

Get to know what is Cyber Blitzkrieg, the apocalyptic scenario caused by a lethal cyber war. Continue reading

IP address: how does it work and five tools to browse anonymously

This is what you should know about your IP address and some effective ways to protect your privacy when browsing anonymously. Continue reading

Darkness for dummies: differences between the Dark web and the Deep web

Both of them are like a black hole but they are a little bit different. Take a look into the Dark Web and the Deep Web. Continue reading

Why is Nanotechnology a way to play God?

What would you think if a small robot, almost invisible, could connect your brain to the Internet, cure cancer or destroy the Earth? Discover the universe of nanotechnology. Continue reading

Increase your Wifi security using these algorithms

Do you know how to increase your Wifi security? Find out here what the best algorithm is to keep intruders away. Continue reading

Catch old viruses: The Internet Archive adds a museum of DOS malware

The Internet archive has created a Malware museum. How did viruses work back in the ages of DOS? Now you can see for yourself. Continue reading

How to Build a Company Data Center? Part One

Have you ever thought about building a data center for your company? It’s a complex endeavour, but with the help of this guide, you should be well prepared. Read part one of our How to Build a Data Centre series. Continue reading

Don’t Get Swept Away: The Most Common DDoS Attacks are SYN and UDP Floods

It’s not easy to stand your ground against DDoS attacks. It’s best to be ready and know the methods of your attackers. Read about two most common types of DDoS – UDP and SYN floods. Continue reading

Stories of Evil Administrators: How to Avoid Losing Millions

Sabotage, theft of passwords and techniques, revenge for dismissal. Some administrators spoil the good name of the others. Why such cases happen and how they can be avoided? Continue reading

How to Improve Security? Three Ways You Can Learn to Think Like a Hacker

Get into a mindset of a hacker with these helpful learning tools. It will help you improve the security of your servers. And hacking can even earn you some money through contests or bug hunting. Continue reading

Disasters could take down half of data centers worldwide. There’s a way to protect the data

Some data centers can even withstand being hit by a rocket. Others fail in a small storm. Defend your data, pick a provider that can withstand natural disasters. Continue reading

There Is Less Email Spam Around. Scammers are Moving to Social Networks

There’s been less and less email spam being sent every day. Is the internet safe already? Not really, it’s just that the attackers are looking for other ways to scam people. Continue reading

DDoS attacks are stronger and more frequent than ever. Admins must protect their servers

Admins were kept very busy these last few months. There have been more DDoS attacks on servers lately, and they were stronger and lasted longer than ever before. Continue reading

Five Fears That Keep Some Companies Away From the Cloud (And How to Get Over Them)

It’s easy to be a bit wary when considering the adoption of a new technology for your company. But with cloud, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here’s how you can get over the five most common fears of the cloud. Continue reading

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