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2020 in IT: Current Trends and Threats

More sophisticated cyberattacks, virtual reality on available hardware and an ever-increasing number of IoT devices. What is trending in IT now and what can we expect from the new decade? Continue reading

Cryptojacking: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Cryptojacking is one of the newest forms of cyber attacks that security experts are able to identify. Find out how to recognize it and protect yourself. Continue reading

SSL-based threats and how to protect yourself

SSL-based threats can open the door to phishing, ransomware and more. Find out how to protect yourself from encrypted atacks. Continue reading

2019 cyber threats trends

Are you excited about what technology will bring in 2019? Wait! More dangerous cyber threats are coming as well. Continue reading

Malware in ads causes trouble for millions of people. But ad publishers still fight against ad blocking

Digital advertising is ever so often spreading malware, even on big name websites. People therefore increasingly turn to ad blocking. But the publishers don’t like it. Is there a way out of this? Continue reading

Catch old viruses: The Internet Archive adds a museum of DOS malware

The Internet archive has created a Malware museum. How did viruses work back in the ages of DOS? Now you can see for yourself. Continue reading

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