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Best relaxation apps for IT minds

It is time to relax after those intense hours of coding and dealing with infrastructure maintenance. Take a breath with these relaxation apps. Continue reading

Neogenia: The cloud is amazing. We’re always trying to come up with yet another use for it

Neogenia from Brno is very satisfied with our cloud solution. Why did they choose it and how did the migration go? Learn about their experience from Neogenia’s CTO Jan Simecky. Continue reading

Explained: How OpenStack works and six reasons you should have a cloud on this platform

Cloud technologies are ruled by OpenStack. An open platform that keeps pushing the cloud ever further. What is it? And what advantages could the “king of cloud” have for your company? Continue reading

Stories of Evil Administrators: How to Avoid Losing Millions

Sabotage, theft of passwords and techniques, revenge for dismissal. Some administrators spoil the good name of the others. Why such cases happen and how they can be avoided? Continue reading

Shadow IT: When Users Want to Make IT Decisions

According to the latest surveys, most companies have a group of users that try to bypass company IT rules. Why are they doing it and how can you prevent shadow IT? Continue reading

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