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Where do you find the latest IT news and follow the latest trends? That is what we asked the experts - MasterDC Administrators.

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  • 27. 03. 2024
  • 4 MIN READ
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If you know where to find the right resources, you can easily stay up to date in the dynamic world of information technology. With the help of our administrators, we have compiled a list of ten websites where you can get IT news and interesting information.

1. The New Stack

The New Stack platform is designed for users who are involved in software management and development. Visitors can find DevOps, the cloud, or artificial intelligence news. In their articles, the authors cover not only the technical aspects of each technology but also its cultural and environmental impact.

The platform also offers diverse content, including articles, interviews, analyses, and e-books. If you prefer audiovisual content, you can listen to one of the many podcasts and videos, for example, a podcast on whether the rise of artificial intelligence means the end of programming or how to protect the software supply chain.

2. WUG Czech Republic

The WUG abbreviation stands for Windows User Group. It is a civic association that brings together professionals using Microsoft products, especially the Windows operating system. The association aims to connect these professionals, enabling them to exchange experiences and educate themselves. The WUG group operates worldwide, and its Czech branch has operated since 2004.

WUG members are volunteers who regularly organise educational seminars, conferences, and lectures outside their work duties. The events take place in twelve Czech cities, are free of charge, and are open to the general public. Most of the events are also recorded, which can be viewed on the association’s website.

3. Stack Overflow

Technology forums are useful for programmers to improve their skills and gain the latest know-how. One of these tools is the Stack Overflow public forum. The forum contains over fifty million questions and answers covering technology topics ranging from programming languages and database systems to cloud technologies. With its factual nature and speed of responses, Stack Overflow is one of the most popular sites for programmers and developers.

4. LWN

The following tips will be of particular interest to Linux and open-source users. The first is the LWN, or Linux Weekly News, website. This site is considered one of the most relevant sources of information and news in the Linux community. Readers especially appreciate its technical expertise, objectivity, and factualness. The articles are also followed by ongoing discussions to which the most important Linux developers contribute.

The LWN platform uses a subscription model where subscribers can access all articles immediately after publication. Subscriptions are divided into four tiers, with the basic tier starting at $9 per month. Other users unlock content one week after publication.

5. HowToForge

Another helpful tip for open-source users is HowToForge. It offers practical and simple tutorials on Linux and its distributions, server administration, and other open-source programs. A community of technology enthusiasts and IT professionals write the tutorials. Therefore, the site is suitable for all levels of users, from beginners to advanced. In addition, to keep the platform’s content as up-to-date as possible, the individual tutorials are updated regularly.

6. StorageReview

The StorageReview website can be used to obtain information about hardware products, as it deals with testing and analysis of data storage and related technologies. StorageReview is also known for its detailed reviews and detailed analysis of the technical features of products. In addition, StorageReview experts use a special lab that allows them to perform reliability, performance, or power consumption tests to get the most accurate results. For better orientation, the reviews are divided into two categories: regular consumers and businesses.

7. ServeTheHome

The ServeTheHome website can help you choose server technologies. This portal provides analysis and reviews on servers, storage, and networking. In addition to selected reviews, ServeTheHome also creates videos that can be viewed on its YouTube channel. Furthermore, the authors focus on DIY (Do It Yourself) projects related to creating your own server configurations and modifying hardware and software.

8. The Hacker News

For the latest IT news from the world of cybersecurity, we recommend following one of the most sought-after sources of information in this area, The Hacker News. It provides the latest information on cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities, and data protection. In addition to security topics, the site also covers current technology trends and software and hardware news. The Hacker News is very active on the social network X (formerly Twitter), providing up-to-date coverage of cyber events.

9. KrebsonSecurity

Cyber-attacks through the eyes of an investigative journalist. Meet Brian Krebs, a former reporter for The Washington Post and author of the KrebsonSecurity blog. In his articles, Krebs looks at specific attacks, analysing them in-depth and assessing their societal impact. He also looks at attacks from the perspective of the perpetrators and tries to explain their motivations and practices.

Thanks to its journalistic background and less technical writing style, the content of the articles is understandable for regular users.

10. Yellow-Bricks

The final tip from our administrators is the Yellow-Bricks blog. It is dedicated to the topic of virtualisation, especially VMware technologies. The blog’s author is Duncan Epping, an expert in cloud technologies, virtualisation, and hyperconverged infrastructure. In the blog, Epping provides his readers with tutorials and tips on VMware products, shares his experience running virtualisation technologies, and comments on current trends.

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