Availability Monitoring

Using the Icinga monitoring system our administrators ensure monitoring of servers. We offer monitoring and reporting of the provided services in terms of availability, CPU usage, computing power, disk occupancy, RAID array consistency, temperature, and more.

How Do We Measure?

Checks are usually set to five-minute intervals; when an error is detected, the interval is reduced to one minute. For each service we can set a timeout, after which the service is reported as in critical condition (default is 5 seconds) or in completely faulty condition (default is 10 seconds). Our administrators are immediately informed about outages, both via email messages, and through the Mattermost.

How Do We Inform You?

Everything depends on our agreement. As standard we communicate by email, but SMS or Mattermost messages are also possible alternatives. For certain situations, for example, we will only send messages and reports, at some other times, in a prearranged scenarios, our support can proceed to server reboot or a phone call. On request we will send you availability graphs or reports for the server or individual services.

Do You Want to Have Availability Monitoring for Your Server?

Select it in the Configurator as an additional service. Managed Servers are monitored automatically within the price.

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