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A web accessible to everyone

Make sure your site is accessible to all of your visitors. You do not want to miss out on potential customers just because they are not able to click through your website. Even though web accessibility is usually associated with users with severe disabilities, an accessible website is beneficial to every customer indiscriminately.

Why should your site be accessible?

Accessibility Statement

Member states of the EU are legally required to publicly post and regularly update their accessibility statement.

30 million visually impaired individuals

There are over 30 million blind and partially sighted people in Europe. Most of them use e-shops.

20% of people are elderly

Around 20% of the people in Europe are over 65 years old, and it is easier for them to work with accessible websites.

Half of visits are from mobile devices

At least 50% of the worldwide website traffic is generated by mobile devices, and accessible webs work better on them.

Price list

Basic Audit
a general assessment of the accessibility status of the site or application, concise written report free of charge
free of charge
Standard Audit
user accessibility test on typical use cases, detailed report including suggestions for improvement
from €398
Premium Audit
audit of more complex projects, testing for various scenarios, consultations with developers in several iterations in addition to the final report, assistance with the accessibility statement
from €795
customized accessibility courses for web developers or employees who create or embed web content; training can take place at the customer’s location
from €80 per hour
telephone, e-mail, or personal consultations about current project needs, legislative advice, suggestions for specific accessibility solutions

All prices are stated in EUR without VAT.

We cooperate with experts

Radek Pavlíček International Association of Accessibility Professionals

Radek Pavlíček

Accessibility auditor, IAAP member

The professional guarantor of the service and the promoter of accessibility in the Czech Republic is Radek Pavlíček, the only Czech member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. He holds a number of internationally recognised certificates, has been actively involved in website accessibility since 2000, and has carried out hundreds of audits. He works at the Teiresiás Centre of Masaryk University, actively lectures about website accessibility, organises seminars and workshops, and writes on his blog POSLEPU and for the magazine Zdroják. As a recognised authority in the field of accessibility, he is also a member of countless evaluation committees.

Roman Kabelka

Roman Kabelka

Accessibility auditor

Roman focuses on user testing from the perspective of the screen reader user. Since he develops sites themselves, he is able to combine a practical and user-friendly view with a developer’s perspective. A graduate of the Faculty of Informatics and a long-time webmaster for Master Internet, he also works as a lecturer in computing for blind users and at the Teiresiás Centre of Masaryk University.

Did you know…

a study conducted by the UK Disability Rights Commission in 2004 shows that even users with no disabilities are able to perform tasks faster on accessible websites? Therefore, accessibility has also brought them a benefit in the form of a more useable website.

Radek Pavlíček, the professional guarantor of the accessibility audits

How accessible websites work

When testing web accessibility, we proceed in accordance with the international standard 301 549 (i.e. WCAG 2.1 methodology). We offer web testing for public sector bodies and other organisations that are required to provide equal access to information and functionality by the European Accessibility Act. All laws and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive have to be adopted by the member states by June 2022.

We test various scenarios that may occur while using a particular site (ordering processes, payment order submissions, and so on). We evaluate the ability of the website to cooperate with assistive technologies, such as sufficient contrast, readability, and keyboard control. These attributes help visually impaired individuals, colourblind people, users with musculoskeletal disorders, and seniors.

What you get

  • a detailed assessment of the current conditions
  • a description of drawbacks
  • instructions for removing drawbacks
  • consultations with experts
  • tips for clean and structured code
  • accessible web or app
  • probably also higher positions in search results and more orders

Do you want to improve your website accessibility?

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