On-site Support

Technical problems are to be best solved on the spot

Technicians are to discuss the technical equipment of the server room, whilst the system administrator would take care of the hardware optimization and/or software installation.

Why is it us to be contacted when it comes to outsourcing

Wide scale of professional IT services

Our technicians understand common and specific technologies and share their knowledge with each other on a daily basis.

Utter personal substitutability

Control your administration nonstop – team members substitute each other completely.

Infrastructure supervision

A revision of the current state of your IT is part of the check of our onsite support.

Team training

We share the practical know-how with our customers and thus help their employees to acquire new knowledge and skills.

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Certificates of our on-site support

It is our job to cope with hardware, software and the server room altogether.

IT administrator will help you with:

  • Analysis of current state
  • Hardware management incl. replacement of defective parts
  • Remote management of software incl. virtualised solutions (VMware, Hyper-V, OpenVZ, OpenStack)
  • Remote management of operating systems (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server)
  • Management and automation of SSL certs incl. their deployment
  • Restoring data from backups
  • Instrumental works when connecting network infrastructure
  • Management and analysis of the server room
  • Other administrative tasks carried out on request

Technician is taking care of:

  • Structured cabling system – metallic, optics
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Electronic security system
  • Electronic access system – cards, chips, attendance
  • Video surveillance (CCTV) – cameras, monitoring system ARC
  • Fire extinguishing system – fire protection (gas, water mist, O2)
  • Heavy current devices
  • Ventilation, cooling and air conditioning
  • Backup power supplies – UPS units, diesel generators, batteries
  • Rack systems for ICT technology

Before my 790 km long journey to Santiago de Compostela, I was wondering how I was going to keep the servers running. Hiring an IT expert from MasterDC was the best decision. All server maintenance was taken care of perfectly during my absence.

Tomáš Mertha


I am interested in the services provided either by a technician and/or an administrator