Connectivity is provided by a fully redundant network built on robust Cisco technologies. It has been designed and built to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Transit connectivity is provided by Telia and RETN.

We are a member of reputable organizations, such as RIPE, NIX

Data centers scheme

Autonomous System

We operate our own Autonomous System, registered under number AS24971. For routing to other backbone networks we use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This ensures automatic rerouting of data traffic to another backbone without any disruption in the availability of customer servers. BGP also ensures that the data is sent to the user's browser through the optimal route with the least possible delay.

IP Connectivity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For services with housing:

    • Master Internet – Data Center Brno Cejl street
    • Master Internet – Data Center Prague 4D Kodaňská street

    For services without housing (connectivity):

    • Telehouse CeColo Prague (former Sitel)
    • TMCZ – THP (Telehouse Prague)
  • Our backbone network is based on 10GE technology (10 Gbit Ethernet). Connections are formed by either one or more 10GE lines. The current connection capacity to foreign countries is provided by several independent 10GE lines. For transfers within the Czech Republic we have 2x10GE connection to the NIX peering centre. On top of that, we have direct peering connections to large networks in the Czech Republic (Telefonica O2, UPC, and others).

  • All access points are connected to our network from at least two different directions to ensure high availability. In case of failure of one of the lines, the traffic will be automatically redirected to a backup connection.

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