Disk Array Lease

Do you have your own servers, but want to replicate more efficiently? We also offer lease of part of the disk array as an instant access service now. The amount of space will be adjusted to your needs. Its scope can be changed at any time. The disk array increases the speed of reading and writing data, reducing the load on your existing server infrastructure.

Efficient Solving of Demanding Tasks

if your own servers no longer suffice, but you would not utilize the entire disk array

Increased Availability

of your solution, which will remain operational even during failure of any of the hardware parts of the disk array thanks to virtualization technology

More Effective Backup

and the possibility of using snapshot backup to another location

We Use Dell Compellent Arrays

  • Highly efficient and reliable
  • SSD architecture with tiering
  • Suitable as a primary data storage or for backup
  • Recommended for dedicated servers and housing services
Disk field scheme

Administrator's Advice

You need two 10 GB network cards to connect to our disk array.

Martin Žídek, Technical Manager

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