Application Containerization

Isolate applications and make development easier

Since the application is divided into separated packages, it might be set and shifted fast in different environments. As the infrastructure is based in microservices, it reduces overhead costs. 

Why to go for containers?

Compatible environment

Containers contain applications, including their dependencies and libraries. Developers do not have to deal with compatibility between different environments.

Lower performance required

Containers need much less computing power to run than, for example, virtual servers because they share the core of the operating system with the guest.

Application isolation

Virtualisation of CPU, memory, storage, and network resources at the operating system level provides developers with an operating system that is logically separate from other applications.

Launch from anywhere

You can deploy them in every OS, on a physical or virtual server and in the cloud. Use containers wherever you want to run your software.

Containment technologies


To easily isolate applications and their libraries, developers most often use Docker, which has many functions and is easy to work with.


The most popular tool for container management and orchestration is Kubernetes. This solution will make work easier, especially for developers of micro services.

MasterDC Technical Director Martin Žídek in his office

Interest in containers is growing every month mainly because they are suitable for everyone. We run smaller virtual servers with the possibility of additional container virtualisation and robust managed Kubernetes clusters.

Martin Žídek

Technical Director

An IT architecture future is in microservices

The developers of the Netflix streaming service were among the first to start using containers in large numbers. They built the whole system on the architecture of microservices. Why did they decide for this?

  • Concurrent development of individual apps across the teams.
  • Simple API, which developers will remember.
  • Unified development environment for different languages.
  • Better distribution across several servers.
  • Flexible testing using suitable scaling.

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