Your Cloud Server is replicated to a backup array in the same location as standard and within the agreed price. If you are interested in asynchronous data replication to another data center, select an additional service consisting in creating a current copy of the disk array.

Replication will protect you against data center failures, since the most recent copy is maintained in another location for Master DC Prague it will be in Brno, and vice versa. In comparison with backup, we keep only the most recent copy of the entire repository. For a Cloud Server, your can select replication in one of the steps of our Configurator. To extend an active service with replication capability, contact your Sales Representative.

Increased Availability

Replicate you data to a separate location to protect your solution against failure of the primary data center. In such case, your data will remain secure in the unaffected data center.

Replication Is Not the Same as Site Recovery

For even higher availability of your Virtual Server in the cloud select Site Recovery, where in addition to the current copy in the disk array we also keep the complete operational infrastructure in the secondary location for you.

Administrator's Advice

Do not underestimate backup. Replication will keep your data in the event of failure, but if you delete a part of the database under your hands, in contrast to backup it is very difficult to restore data from a replica.

Martin Žídek, Technical Manager

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