Our team of administrators was involved in cyber security exercise Cyber Europe 2018, last week.

Imagine this: It is a normal day at the airport. All of a sudden, the automated check-in machines display a system failure. Travel apps on smartphones stop functioning. The agents at the check-in counters cannot operate their computers. This was the intense scenario which over 900 European cybersecurity specialists from 30 countries had to face on 6 and 7 June 2018, during the ‘Cyber Europe 2018’ (CE2018) – the most mature EU cybersecurity exercise to date.

While the CZ.NIC association took over the co-ordination in the Czech Republic, MasterDC administrators and members of MASTER.CZ-CSIRT team participated in the exercise as well. Our colleagues, along with the others, had to deal with a number of technical tasks, but they have also included communication and cooperation between the teams.

Organised by the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA in collaboration with cybersecurity authorities and agencies from all over Europe, the CE2018 was intended to enable the European cybersecurity community to further strengthen their capabilities in identifying and tackling large-scale threats as well as to provide a better understanding of cross-border incident contagion. The scenario contained real life-inspired technical and non-technical incidents that required network and malware analysis, forensics, and steganography. The incidents in the scenario were designed to escalate into a crisis at all possible levels: organisational, local, national and European.

More information available in the official press release: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/news/enisa-news/cyber-europe-2018-get-prepared-for-the-next-cyber-crisis

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