MasterDC Speed Test Servers

Last Update 23/2/2024

MasterDC customers can use test servers with 10 GE connectivity in Brno and Prague for latency testing and monitoring.

FQDN IPv4 IPv6 Testing URL 2a01:430:0:30::4 2a01:430:0:3a::2

All tests can be performed using an ICMP ping, which is not rate limited.

For network monitoring and control, it is not suitable to utilise the IP addresses configured on the MasterDC routers (concerns the default gateway IP). These routers have Control Plane Policy protection enabled, which causes packet loss. ICMP traffic is handled by relatively slow CPUs on these routers, requiring traffic limitation. Transit traffic is processed by ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) and does not experience any packet loss.

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