Extending or Deactivating Services

Last Update 18/8/2022

In most cases, it is necessary to contact a sales representative when changing service parameters or switching to another service. They will discuss the new terms and conditions with you, prepare any contract amendments, and explain the next steps. Below you will find a brief overview of how to proceed in certain cases.

Changing of Parameters

Please contact our sales representatives to change connectivity, service parameters, or the addition or cancellation of complementary services. All phone numbers and emails are available on the Contact page.

Outside of business hours, please get in touch with our support team, who are available 24 hours a day at support@master.cz.

Autonomous Change of Parameters

If you use virtual servers (VPS), you can directly edit your servers’ parameters in Customer Administration. First, select Virtual Servers on the left side menu, then choose the server and which parameters you want to edit. Next, on the Product Detail page, go to the Edit tab, enter the new parameters, and save. You will then receive a confirmation email with the new configuration.

  • If the VPS is set up via Customer Administration, the price for a new configuration will be displayed. By confirming the newly charged amount, the new configuration will be set up immediately.
  • If the VPS is set up via a sales representative, a request to change the parameters will be sent after saving the new configuration. The new configuration will only be set after the approval of the request, which should be within two working days.

Cloud hosting customers can similarly edit their server parameters. However, the request is submitted for approval. Therefore, parameter updates will occur after the request is approved.

Housing – Change of Hardware

If you use a server or rack housing service, you can change your hardware during the contract period. However, after each increase in capacity or the replacement of a server/rack, a support or technical team member will measure the power consumption with a wattmeter. You are obliged to report any hardware changes to MasterDC, ideally before implementing.

New Service Addition

It is necessary to contact a sales representative to add a new service. The phone number and email are available on the Contact page. Outside of business hours, you can forward your request to our 24/7 support at support@master.cz.

A new VPS or SSL certificate can be added via Customer Administration by clicking the Add New Service button on the left side menu.

Deactivation and Termination of Service

In Customer Administration, go to Services, choose the service you want to deactivate and click Cancel. Your request will then be processed, and we will inform you of the result.

When deactivating services, you must always terminate the contract in writing as specified in the contract. Please send the written termination to MasterDC’s Brno Office:
Master Internet, s.r.o.
Purkyňova 35e
612 00 Brno

If you prefer electronic communication, please email sales@master.cz or your respective sales representative with any requests related to the termination of services or other business matters.

All services are only deactivated after the expiration of the notice period. The notice period starts on the first day of the month following the delivery of the notice. We issue an invoice for this period, normally three months, even if the customer no longer uses the service.

Taking Technology Out of DC

You can transfer your technology from our data centres at any time during the notice period, which typically lasts three months. First, however, you must settle all obligations with the provider. The ideal day to take your technology out of MasterDC is the last day of the month.

If you do not manage to remove your technology during this period, it will be disconnected by our technical team and ready for you to pick up. You will then be informed about this fact via a separate ticket.

However, it is possible to remove your technology before the notice period expires. Despite this, we will still issue an invoice for this period even if you are no longer actively using the service.

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