The European Social Fund is one of the three structural funds of the European Union. It’s Europe’s main instrument for helping people obtain jobs, get better employment and ensure fair job opportunities for all citizens of the EU. There is a large variety of projects the ESF funds aimed at many target groups. The main goal is to provide better education, better job opportunities, opportunities for young people recently graduated from school as well as older people. ESF helps teachers as well as students, entrepreneurs and also people with disabilities.

ESF financing at € 10 billion a year provides better job prospects for millions of Europeans, especially to those in less developed areas who find it more difficult to find work. A specific goal of the European Social Fund is to improve the quality of offered job positions by co-financing local, regional and national projects aimed at improving the quality of said jobs and also improving employment quality.

Goals of the Europe 2020 strategy are to create more and better jobs and a socially inclusive society to generate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the EU.

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Master Internet is a provider of cloud services for the ESF – New Green Savings Programme.

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