Deufol is a packaging company aimed at providing customers with the best logistics to make their business possible. Founded in 1979 as a textile wholesale store, it quickly transformed into a logistics company and developed a concept of inhouse outsourcing. The company managed to expand into Europe within the next fifteen years with factories in Germany, Belgium, Italy and other countries.

Deufol has been the leader on the Czech market for the past thirteen years and has been a part of the supranational Deufol since 2011. It offers a high quality of work and services with guaranteed standards of work.

Deufol set up three main rules by which they abide. They have a responsible attitude towards the natural resources they use and they strive to ensure sustainability requirements are complied with. Second is adopting a transparent approach to ensure increase in value for shareholders – Deufol wants to be open, modern and transparent to minimize business risks. Thirdly, the company offers a large portfolio of packaging services aiming to be the best in every aspect of their core business with a distinct focus on service.

Provided Services

Master Internet provides Deufol with cloud hosting services and also rackhousing services.

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