ISPmanager Control Panel

Additional service to manage a Linux server with a simple click of the mouse. The ISP manager combines many setup and diagnostics tools into one solution, which is accessible via an intuitive web interface. It is an ideal choice for those who do not have much experience with administration of Linux.

Why Choose ISPmanager?

An intuitive tool to manage servers running on Linux. Master Internet is a certified partner of ISPsystem.

  • No experience with administration of Linux is necessary
  • Uniform and sophisticated server management tool
  • Integration of various tools into one interface – Apache, DNS BIND, Quota, Courier, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Webalizer, Awstats, and many more
  • All this for only EUR 7.03 per month

ISPmanager lite

Administrator Section

It allows you to easily add new users and assign them new virtual domains, email domains, DNS records, MySQL databases, disk limits (using quota), and many more.

User Section

The users have only limited rights. They can create third-level domains, add email boxes, manage spam filters, view domain statistics, and more.

ISPmanager Professional

An extensive tool for professional server management provides a number of advanced features compared to the lower version.

  • Corporate design including the graphic style and logo
  • Possibility to create reseller users (resellers) without administrator rights
  • Automatic blocking of user accounts after reaching a preset limit
  • Integrated user support center
  • Possibility to transfer settings between two servers with the Professional versions

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