DSL internet may be stealing your sleeping hours

DSL internetIs your DSL connection a dream thief?

Do you think that your DSL internet is one of the best things that life has because you can play online, watch videos in HD resolution and more? Well, maybe it's time to reconsider this idea. According to a study published by the Italian university Bocconi, a group of researchers has discovered that the DSL internet is one of the causes that alter your sleep. Do you want to know why? Keep reading.

"Broadband internet, digital temptations, and sleep" is the name of an investigation conducted by Francesco C. Billari, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella, who undertook the task of discovering what effects a DSL connection has on the sleep patterns of the people.

The researchers focused on the lost working hours that Germany experience year due to insufficient sleep of the workers. The result of insufficient sleeping causes absenteeism and decreased effectiveness at work. This problem represents monetary losses close to 60 billion euros, that is, 1.6% of the German GDP.

Is DSL internet a nightmare?

After taking a sample of workers to carry out the study, a survey was conducted in which people reported on the type of Internet connection they have and the number of average hours they sleep on a daily basis. They were also asked what kind of habits they had before sleeping.

The researchers found that the decrease in sleep hours is related to those who use electronic devices before sleep, as this usually causes their attention to remain active and prevent the brain from relaxing.

The most interesting thing about the study is that those individuals who have a DSL connection showed a tendency to sleep 25 minutes less than the rest of the people who do not have Internet DSL. The recommended hours of sleep are from 7 to 9 hours according to doctors.

The importance of sleeping 

"It is believed that sleep is a reconstructive process and a basic biological need. When animals, including humans, are deprived of their sleep, there are many systems of the body that fail. Not only our behavior, memory, and attention suffer, but our immune and endocrine systems also deteriorate. " Dr. Neil Kline, representative of the American Sleep Association to CNN

People who said they spent more time than they should at their smartphone, showed more dissatisfaction with the quality of their sleep. The time of lost sleep was impossible to recover for them the next morning since they had to get up early to go to work.

Likewise, it was found that the type of electronic devices that are chosen to keep awake varies according to the age of the individuals. For example, teenagers and young adults from 13 to 30 years old, tend to prefer playing computer games and watching videos before sleeping, while people between 31 and 59 years old have a tendency to use PCs and smartphones.

According to the researchers, the fact of having a high-speed internet access promotes the use of online video games and increase Internet addiction.

"With respect to parasomnias, the presence of nightmares increases, especially in people who usually listen to music in bed before going to sleep. And people who watch television tend to talk more in their sleep, a condition called noctilalia" Guadalupe Terán, coordinator of UAM Sleep Disorder Clinic, Mexico.

There are similar researches that have demonstrated that the exposure to artificial light of tablets, PCs, and smartphones also alter the sleep patterns of people. When the brain is exposed to this light before sleep, the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the response to darkness in our brain, is altered. This causes sleep cycles to be delayed and recurrent cases of insomnia.

It is true that we cannot quit having a fast internet connection and electronic devices, but how far can they make our life easier if they don't let us sleep?

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