Backup to Cloud

Backup service to the cloud environment of Master Internet. Using existing software, companies can store their data on a disk array in a professional datacenter. In principle, therefore, it is a form of offsite backup into secondary location.

VMware and Hyper-V platforms supported

The principle of service is to back up data from your virtual platform on our disk arrays. Invaluable form of backup comes into play in the case of a fatal failure of the primary site.

Easy to deploy and secure access

Are you using Veeam Backup & Replication software or any other supported programs? Then there is nothing easier than setting another backup location. Access to the storage is secured and can be restricted to specific IP addresses.

Complete Disaster Recovery available

Back up to Cloud service allows you to rent the entire backup infrastructure as well. Thanks to that, your Recovery Time Objective would be shortened significantly.

The service is especially useful for:

  • Companies with their own IT environment
  • Companies looking for another backup location
  • Companies which need to backup their production environment

Data Space Price List

Storage 25 GB
25 GB
Storage 50 GB
50 GB
Storage 100 GB
100 GB
Storage 200 GB
200 GB
Storage 300 GB
300 GB
Storage 500 GB
500 GB
Storage 1 TB
1,000 GB
Custom configuration
More than 1,000 GB

To these amounts EUR 7.4 must be added per virtual machine for backup software licence.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all prices are in EUR without VAT for 1 month.

Backing up to Master Internet Cloud

Besides the backup service, Backup to Cloud has been constructed so as to be easily extendable for Disaster Recovery. In a secondary location, we have the same resources for the customer as in the primary location. Since Site Recovery completely replicates production data to the disk array in a different location, there is no need to wait for the data to be completely restored from a backup if there is a failure at the primary location.

Backup to cloud scheme

Supported Software

  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • CA ARCserve
  • CommVault Simpana
  • Vision Solutions Double-Take 7.0

Are you interested in Backup to Cloud service?

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