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Automate scheduled maintenance tasks – save your administrators’ time.

Ansible is an open-source platform designed to automate the management of a large number of computer or server nodes. Since 2015, Ansible has been owned by RedHat.  

Software and multi-layer app installment

Ansible allows you to install and configure software or multi-layer applications on many computers or servers at once. Just write the Ansible playbook to install and configure the software on all nodes and then run the playbook from the control unit.

Orchestration when deploying applications

With Ansible, automating app deployment is easy. In the playbook, you can define all operations related to databases, networks and/or storage. This playbook can then be used with each subsequent deployment.

Automatic node security

The same as with application deployment, you can create a playbook to secure all computers and servers. Ansible allows you to define Firewall gateways, deny access to certain users or set additional security policies.

How does Ansible work?

Did you know that ...

… the name “Ansible” was first used in Rocannon’s World novel by Ursula K. Le Guin? It was a designation for a communication device enabling transmission at super-light speed.  

Ansible architecture

Ansible modules

The modules are basically simple scripts sent from the control unit to the required nodes, where they execute the commands defined in the playbook. 

Plugins and API

Ansible offers a variety of plugins that extend its functionality. There are also various APIs that allow you to add your own specific extensions.

Node inventory

Inventories of all Ansible devices, including their IP addresses, are also included. This makes it easy to select a list of nodes for which the action will be performed.


Playbooks contain instructions for each task required and are written in YAML, which is readable not only for machines but also for humans.

Diagram of technology Ansible architecture

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