In order for a server to function properly, someone has to take care of it. Free yourself from worrying about updates, backups or installing new software. With server management provided by our certified administrators, you can focus only on the development of your applications.

If you want to have a new program installed, simply contact our technical support. Root access and administrator passwords remain in the hands of our certified administrators.

Windows or Linux? We Can Do Both

On Linux servers, we install the proven and stable CentOS, which is also very safe due to its long life cycle. For Windows servers, all changes are performed by our administrators.

Nonstop Active Monitoring

The price of administration includes 5 hours of work per month as standard. And since we are working nonstop in the data center, we can intervene literally at anytime. Within one hour at the latest.

Control Your Linux Server

With the ISPmanager panel you can partly manage your server. In its user part you will know your way round even without any experience with Linux operating systems. Add new domains, set your spam filtering, and more.

Service Monitoring

You might also be interested in using our additional service Service Availability Monitoring. Using the Icinga system we monitor CPU usage, computing power, temperature, and other parameters. We offer monitoring and reporting of the provided services in terms of availability, CPU usage, computing power, disk occupancy, RAID array consistency, temperature, and more.

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