SSL Certificates

Trust, But Verify

Assure your customers that they really are on your website. SSL certificates ensure data transfer between the server and the browser. Personal details, including dates of birth or credit card numbers, are thus safe and the customers know exactly to whom they are disclosed. We will arrange the certificate for you and notify you well in advance before its expiration.

Quick and Smooth Arrangement

We will arrange the SSL certificate for you immediately. Moreover, if we manage your server, we also arrange for the installation of the certificate.

Partnership with Certum Certification Authority

Our partner is Certum, the only purely European certification authority recognized worldwide, among other things recognized by all common web browsers and Microsoft products. We also provide Let's Encrypt certificates to our managed customers.

You Get Notified Before Expiration

We keep track of the expiration date of your SSL certificate for you. You are notified of the need to arrange a new certificate via email in a timely manner. Let's Encrypt certificates are renewed automatically.

Certum Ceritificates

  • SSL certificates signed by Asseco CA Certum root authority
  • Recognized by virtually all common browsers
  • hash algoritmus SHA-2
  • 2048-bit public key
  • Confirmation usually by clicking on a link in an email
  • Normally for one domain, the www subdomain is accepted
  • A multidomain (for up to 10 domains) or a wildcard (for all subdomains of a particular domain) can be set up on request
  • The offer also includes EV certificates (extended validation) with a green address bar
  • The renewal is arranged according to the agreement, by default, before the expiration of the certificate, we contact customers by e-mail

Number of domains
1 year
Commercial SSL single domain
1 domain
16 EUR
Commercial Wildcard
1 + subdomains
52 EUR
Premium EV SSL green
1 domain
250 EUR

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all prices are in EUR without VAT.


Let's Encrypt Certificates

  • Full-featured SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt authority
  • For managed services, ie servers managed by our certified administrators only
  • For all standard Linux OS distributions
  • Issuing a SAN Certificate (Subject Alternative Name) for multiple domain names in one certificate avilable
  • Three months validity
  • Administration and renewal is done automatically by MasterDC
  • Adding a certificate to existing domains automatized
  • Wildcard certificates available now - valid for all subdomains of a domain
  • For wildcard certificate, it is necessary to insert a CNAME record into DNS; the validity is then 3 months with automatic renewal

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