QI Information System

QI is a comprehensive information system that effectively helps to solve most of the common business activity.

It is currently used by over 20,000 users in more than 700 companies. Master Internet is the first provider of QI in the form of SaaS, i.e. a service leased for a monthly fee without large initial investments. You can use a standard solution starting from CZK 1,990 per month excluding VAT based on the maximum number of simultaneous users.

Keeping Corporate Data Secure

Data access safety is protected by a sophisticated system of access rights. The three layer architecture of the QI then protects data against loss and damage.

Easy Control for Everyone

QI is controlled like MS Office, it also uses similar graphics. Entering of data is fast, searching and sorting is easy. As a precaution, however, we place complete documentation and help in the QI for each customer.

Convenient Entering of Data

It is enough to insert data into the QI only once. It will immediately transfer to all necessary forms. The same applies when editing data that has been already entered. In short, you can fit more in your QI, and the system is stable, fast and always up to date.

Compatibility with Other SW

QI communicates with other software such as MS Office, weighing systems, CAD/CAM systems, etc. Data becomes interconnected and can be printed or exported in all common formats.


The QI information system is an ingenious kit of twenty nine modules and dozens of business units. No matter how you arrange them, the internal logic and interconnection of all data is retained.

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The key module for business companies. It supports business management in the company, allows you to transfer content from existing documents into the following documents, etc. For sale and trade it offers virtually unlimited options for pricing, discounts and surcharges, as well as assigning partners to dealer categories.

  • Business Partners
  • Basic purchase and sale
  • Intrastat
  • Complaints and warranties
  • Received orders
  • Reservation and blocking of goods
  • Payment habits, customer credits
  • Offers issued
  • Selling contracts
  • Price lists
  • Discounts and surcharges
  • Business partner requirements
  • Issued orders
  • Automatic creation of issued orders
  • Supplier product catalogues

Optimal supply meets customer requirements, but does not bind resources

The Warehouses module is beneficial to all who want to have a perfect and instant overview of all stock, its price, status and readiness. When using the QI, you will most appreciate its good arrangement, both in the records and in the warehouses themselves.

  • Basic warehouses
  • Warehouse overviews
  • Stock checks

Payroll processing with ease

A comprehensive payroll solution. This module processes payroll in organizations with a few employees, as well as in companies with a complicated agenda and different types of labour-law relations.

  • Payroll – basic (CZ)
  • Payroll accounting (CZ)
  • Payroll ledgers (CZ)
  • Export for ISPV and ISP (CZ)
  • Creating documents for payroll
  • Payroll – advances (CZ)
  • Basic human resources management

The QI is prepared to meet the basic requirements of smaller companies, but it also offers a comprehensive solution required by specialists in the field, such as accountants and tax advisors, auditors or tax and accounting offices.

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Account assignment
  • User report templates
  • Cost centres

No unnecessary expenditures, and financial flows under control

Have your financial flows under control. The QI information system allows you to comfortably process your funds and thus fully exploit the true potential. Processing of receivables and liabilities, as well as communication with financial institutions will be a piece of cake for you with the Finance module. The QI will give you a quick overview of costs and revenues, keeps an eye on changes in the laws for you, and ensures legislative clarity. You will easily keep bank accounts as well as cash, and perform operations associated with them.

  • Receivables, basic finance
  • Liabilities
  • Banks
  • Reminders and penalties
  • VAT (CZ)
  • Offsetting receivables and payables
  • Import of Exchange Rate Table (CZ)
  • Electronic communication with financial institutions

Accurate records of the state of assets

The Assets module will be appreciated by those who wish to have a perfect overview of the current value of their assets, depreciations, locations and changes in the cards. With the QI information system you can automate the asset record keeping to the maximum and work with reliable records in accordance with the law.

  • Basic assets
  • Basic current assets
  • Basic fixed assets
  • Assets accounting
  • Standard calculation of depreciation (accounting, tax)
  • Basic assets inventory

Technical Background of the Service

Master Internet provides a complete operational infrastructure of the QI information system. The system runs on MasterCLOUD cloud platform, which allows you to reduce the cost of building your own hardware platform, but due to its robustness guarantees uninterrupted operation. All components are in a fully redundant N+1 configuration. The system based on SaaS - Software as a Service is appealing for companies, among other things, for the delivery of a complete solution they require. Customers receive the service from the provider, therefore they do not need to spend their financial resources on investments in hardware.

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