Live Server

The only cloud with fair billing

Live server rental service is a cloud-based server charged according to real usage in 20 seconds intervals. Thanks to this billing method, it is possible to pay server only for what you do. This new type of hosting is entirely flexible in time - you always have enough power while not paying unnecessarily for time when you are not using server.

Unique billing method

Do Not Pay More than You Have To. As the only we offer cloud with billing based on a real server resources used in time.

Guaranteed availability of 99.99 %

We contractually guarantee service availability on the extreme level of 99.99 % in the agreement, which in practice means operation without downtimes.

Data safe due to replication

Live server is secure. Sophisticated Disaster Recovery solutions protect all our cloud customers against long-term unavailability of data. All data is in case of emergency replicated to the backup disk arrays.


CZK 90 - CZK 566 monthly
  • CPU 1 Core -
  • RAM 1 GB -
  • HDD 10 GB


CZK 256 - CZK 1208 monthly
  • CPU 2 Core -
  • RAM 2 GB -
  • HDD 40 GB


CZK 429 - CZK 1599 monthly
  • CPU 2 Core -
  • RAM 4 GB -
  • HDD 80 GB

MasterCLOUD 99.99 %

Cloud hosting Master Internet platform is built on high-end Dell EMC and Cisco components and solution is provided with guaranteed availability SLA of 99.99%.

  • Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, 13th gen with 256 GB RAM
  • Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 processors
  • servers with 2x10GE port
  • the latest geeneration of disk arrays Dell EMC SC Series
  • automatic tiering between write intensive SSD, read intensive SSD, NL-SAS
  • converged SAN FCoE 10ge
  • converged switches Dell S-series
  • fully redundant configuration N+1
  • Site Recovery technology Prague/Brno

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