Not only at Christmas time we are not indifferent to the fate of others. This year we have helped the endowment fund Světluška and the Association helping autistic people APLA-JM.

This year Master Internet started a cooperation with two entities helping those in need. "We do realize that we must lead by example not only in technology but also in the area of social responsibility. Only a systematic support of specific projects and specific people could be successful," says Chief Operationg Officer Filip Špaček. In the first place, Master Internet helped a Moravian branch of Asociation APLA-JM. Their mission is to improve the lives of peple with autism and integrate them into society. Together with the employees of APLA-JM we have been choosing a person amongst their clients, whom ve could help the most. For the association itself, we also prepared a promotional flyers that will raise an awareness about autism.

In the autumn, we also lent a helping hand to the Endowment Fund of Czech Radio Světluška. Světluška helps children and adults with severe visual impairment. It is a support for those living an uneasy fate confronted to daily challenfe: again and again to learn living in the darkness - without the help of one of the major human senses. For an interactive campaign svitis.cz we have provided website hosting and currently are discussing possible future cooperation.

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