MasterDC participated in cybersecurity exercise

Our team of administrators was involved in cyber security exercise Cyber Europe 2018, last week.


Master run for the Světluška

Also this year we supported the Night Run for Světluška.


We are GDPR-ready

Since early April we have been ready for GDPR.


Our Top Services

Cloud Hosting

  • flexible
  • |
  • secure
  • |
  • Site Recovery available

VMware cloud platform runs in 2 separated data centers owned by MasterDC. Thanks to 99.99% SLA fullfill the needs of the most demanding projects. Unlimited performance and fair pricing included.

Virtual Private Servers

  • scalable
  • |
  • Windows or Linux

Affordable alternative to cloud hosting. Great for development and testing or services that does not reuqire a high availability. Runs on Hyper-V or OpenVZ platforms.

Managed Servers

  • certified administrators
  • |
  • proven technologies

For those companies which want to concentrate on the content and development only. Server site, security and backup is our part of the job.

Dedicated Servers

  • Dell EMC & Intel inside
  • |
  • professional Tier 3 data centers

Physical servers with performance dedicated to single customer only. It will best serve web projects and applications where great emphasis is placed on performance, security and stability.

The services of Master Internet fully meet our requirements and expectations, and they are a great benefit to us, mainly because of their absolute reliability.

Matěj Šedivý, IT Architecture and Security Director at CETELEM ČR, a.s.

The right place for your data


In MasterDC data centers we provide all services offered, from cloud hosting and vps server hosting to housing. We started in 1998 in Brno data center and since then we have been steadily expanding with cloud hosting and virtualized Solutions in general. In 2003, Master Internet was the first provider on the Czech market to offer the vps virtual server hosting product. Total area includes 750 m² in Brno and 850 m² in Prague data center. Both of our data centers are easily accessible and located near the city centre and its trunk roads.