Year 2018


MasterDC participated in cybersecurity exercise

Our team of administrators was involved in cyber security exercise Cyber Europe 2018, last week.


Master run for the Světluška

Also this year we supported the Night Run for Světluška.


We are GDPR-ready

Since early April we have been ready for GDPR.


We are proud members of the FENIX project

Today we officially became members of the security FENIX project.

Year 2017


Be in motion even in 2018

Another year has passed, so we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Direct peering with Google

Our direct connection with Google's network has been activated today.


Interview with our CTO Martin Zidek

News from MasterDC data centers brought by our CTO, in an exclusive interview.


MasterDC technicians go into the field

With both hardware and software management, MasterDC technicians are thanks to On-site support service ready to help directly at customers’ location.


Breakfast for customers, now also in Brno

Following the success of Prague business breakfasts, we bring this educational meeting with our customers to Brno as well.

Year 2016


A little New Year's present

Thank you for your cooperation in the past year and we would like to wish you lots of satisfaction and success into the New Year of 2017.


Powerful dedicated server Dell on sale

Right before Christmas a new special offer dedicated server Dell PowerEdge R510 has been published.


VDS virtual servers – appreciated by administrators

Master Internet presents completely new virtual server service called simply VDS, using VMware software and Dell hardware.


Backup to Cloud Service

New Backup to Cloud service enables companies with their own virtualized environments easily backup to the cloud Master Internet. Regardless of whether they prefer VMware or Hyper-V.


Development of mobile apps on demand started

Thanks to developers from the new division called MasterAPP we were able to broaden our portfolio with development of software on demand.


Website presentation of MasterAPP division

We have launched a new website of software application development division MasterAPP.


Membership in CZ.NIC organization

It is our honor to announce that to this date we have become an official member of the professional association CZ.NIC, namely the ISP chamber.

Year 2015


Master helps those in need

Not only at Christmas time we are not indifferent to the fate of others. This year we have helped the endowment fund Světluška and the Association helping autistic people APLA-JM.


Special packages of dedicated servers

We have published an attractive special offer of dedicated servers manufactured by HP with a very favorable price/performance ratio. The cheapest package starts at €33 per month excluding VAT. For that amount you get seventh-generation server HP DL120 with dual-core Intel Pentium G860 processor, 4 GB RAM and two 500GB SATA drives, and technical support 24/7. More powerful configurations with 8GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores are available as well.


Mobile application for data center customers

Christmas gift in the form of a mobile application Master Server Monitor can now enjoy all customers of Master Internet. Thanks to the work of a team of software division MasterAPP they can monitor the status of their services directly from a phone.


Special price of ISPmanager control panel

We have reduced a price of an additional service to manage Linux servers - ISPmanager. Now it is available for favorable CZK 90 per month compared to more than double the original price.


Summer Promotion of Dedicated Servers

Special summer promotion of dedicated servers withc a wide range of possible configurations is available on the web.


New Ecological Server Halls in Brno

In cooperation with suppliers Dell and Intel we have opened a new environmental data halls in the Master DC Brno this week.


Public cloud of Master Internet was awarded with CIO Grand Prix

The first real public cloud on the Czech-Slovak hosting market has been awarded with CIO Business World - CIO Grand Prix 2015. It is granted to exceptional products and the most important events in the field of communications and modern technologies. Second cloud platform of Master Internet is built entirely on Dell technology and open source software OpenStack.


Announcement of the winner

Do you have in mind an idea for mobile application? Student Vladimir Elias said to himself Yes, I do! last november and today he signed a contract with Master Internet Chief Operating Officer Filip Spacek. Symbolically he took over the prize - one hundred thousand crowns in cash an up to five million to develop the application.


Software division launched its first mobile application

First mobile application of Master Internet software divison is online on the App Store. Application Annie Baby Monitor will help parents to look after their children.


Spring Promotion of Dedicated Servers

With the upcoming spring we have updated the configurations of dedicated servers. Dedicated and managed servers are newly enriched with the powerful Dell PowerEdge R320 servers.


Petr Stepanek became Prague Sales Director

Petr Stepanek has been appointed into the position of Prague sales director to lead the team of sales representatives. Sales director Stepanek will be responsible for the expansion and coordination of Prague's merchant team. Among its other tasks will include strengthening its market position and expansion abroad.

Year 2014


Best Mobile Application Competition

You have an idea for a mobile application in your head? Thanks to the Master Internet incubator you can breathe life into it. A leader in providing cloud-based and data center services, Master Internet has allocated five million crowns for the development and promotion of the best mobile application. Moreover, the winner of the competition for the most innovative mobile application will receive one hundred thousand crowns in cash.


Master Internet at the Dell Solutions Tour

Master Internet attended the prestigious itinerant event by Dell. At Dell Solutions Tour 2014, they were first introduced in the role of a Preferred Partner for cloud services.


HP Dedicated Servers Now with iLO License Included in the Price

Master Internet is changing their concept of providing dedicated servers. As of today, they offer them without commitments and including advanced tools for monitoring and HP iLO remote management.


Data Centers Have Been Covered with Fifth Generation Wi-Fi

A new Wi-Fi network has been launched in Master DC Prague and Brno data centers today. It will make work easier for clients, primarily due to the significantly higher transmission speeds it offers. Login is possible directly from a Web browser after entering authentication data. In case of any difficulties with logging in, our technical support staff is fully available to clients.


New More Powerful Configurations of Dedicated Servers

We have updated our offer of configurations for dedicated servers. We offer only professional Hewlett-Packard servers of the eighth generation. All servers have out-of-band iLO management which, among other things, enables monitoring of hardware status without accessing the operating system. With iLO we can monitor the status of hardware 24 hours a day as part of the service, even for servers which are not in our administration. Package rates start at CZK 2,090 without VAT per month, including dedicated connectivity, 8 pieces of IPv4 addresses, and the KVM over IP interface. Even the most demanding customers, who require machines with faster SSDs Intel S3700, two sources and dual connectivity, will be able to choose from our wide variety of packages. Intel SSD DC S3700 Series is the successor to the legendary Intel 710 Series. Compared to the previous generation, these drives have the reading speed twice as high and the writing speed 1.5 times as high. All assemblies are also available in the managed server version, and their configuration can be freely changed and expanded with additional services.


Launch of the New Website

Master Internet has launched their new website today, which are part of a completely new visual style of the company. "When working on the new design, we took account of our customers' experience of the original version of our website and tried to clarify and personalize our presentation as much as possible. We also wanted to technically reflect the fact that a growing amount of traffic comes from mobile devices," says Chief Operating Officer Filip Špaček. The Czech version of our website has received rejuvenation so far; other language versions will follow.


Retaining ISO Certification

After a year, Master Internet passed their surveillance audit again. The audit was carried out at the end of last week by TÜV SÜD Czech, a reputable certification company, which confirmed that all processes in Master Internet comply with the ISO standard. Master Internet thus remains the holder of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2006 certificates.


New Green Savings Programme is Running in Cloud

From 1 April, a key application for receiving subsidy applications under the New Green Savings Programme is running in Master Internet cloud. The client decided to use cloud hosting with regard to its high performance and scalability. The solution is designed to withstand the load of several thousand users accessing at one moment. The application for the State Environmental Fund has been made and provided by


Cloud Disaster Recovery Improved

We have updated our cloud platform, thus improving its Disaster Recovery solution. It is designed to protect customers against unexpected failures of the primary infrastructure and is automatically included in our cloud hosting service. We decided to place backup disk arrays in the same location, but in another part of the data center, with respect to the shortest recovery time possible.

Year 2013


We Have Become the First Dell Preferred Partner in the Czech Republic

The Czech office of Dell announced a new strategy for providing cloud services. Instead of investing in their own data centers and creating competition to their own partner base, Dell decided to support local partners in the regions. Master Internet has become the first so-called. Dell Preferred partner for cloud services in the Czech Republic. Customers no longer need to store data in a cloud abroad, but thanks to this strong partnership, they can use local services.


Filming in Master DC Prague

The Prague data center has recently been the filming location for part of a comedy The Final Exam, which will be in cinemas this November. The Final Exam director Tomáš Houška chose the Master Internet data center because of its extensive and visually modern premises.


We Are Looking for New Colleagues

For our Brno team, we are looking for new colleagues for the position of information system programmer, Linux administrator and PR specialist. More information about the available positions can be found HERE.


Successful Retaining of Certification

Master Internet successfully passed their first annual surveillance audit, thus confirming compliance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2006. The audit was carried out by TÜV SÜD Czech, a reputable certification company, which found that all processes in Master Internet comply with the ISO standard.


Live Servers Special Offer

We have announced a time-limited but extremely advantageous offer on live servers. The cheapest rates start at CZK 90 per month. Live Server is a service of leasing a Cloud Server charged according to the real usage in 20-second intervals. With this billing method you can pay the server only for what it does for you.


High-Performance Firewall for Cloud Hosting Services

Master Internet newly offers a high-performance FortiGate firewall by Fortinet for protection of Cloud Hosting data. FortiGate firewalls have full IPv6 support and can operate in transparent or routed mode. Custom firewall configuration is performed trough an intuitive web interface, or. CLI. The hosted firewall keeps an up-to-date database of Antivirus and IPS signatures.


We Have Achieved the Microsoft Hosting Competency

Microsoft recognizes the hosting expertise of Master Internet as Silver Partner. When working with us, you can now be sure of our expertise; only the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners have achieved their professional competency. In the course of obtaining the Hosting Competency, we met extensive technological requirements and demonstrated our expertise by passing strict tests, which culminated in the Microsoft certification process.


MasterCloud with New Intel Xeon E5-2660 Processors

We have extended our MasterCloud with servers containing new Intel Xeon E5-2660 processors. Our offer of Cloud Hosting now includes both platforms - AMD and Intel. The newly implemented Intel processors of the Xeon E5-2660 generation significantly speed up the operation of single-threaded applications for our customers.

Year 2012


Master Cloud Expansion + Site Recovery

We have completed an extensive update our cloud platform in Brno (increased performance and extended data space by tens of terabytes). The update is also related to the newly offered Site Recovery technology which provides customers with full backup of the entire project in another city in case of fatal failure at the primary location.


New Generation of HP Dedicated Servers

Master Internet has enriched the hosting market with the eighth generation of dedicated HP servers. The flagship of the new offer is a rich configuration of HP Proliant 320e, now for a special price of CZK 2,222 per month.


New Bank Account

We inform our customers about a new bank account for accepting payments for the services that we provide. This change applies to customers who have been paying in CZK currency to our Fio bank account. GE Money Bank, a.s. 713864001/0600


New Service - Live Server

We have released a new product Live Server. It is a lease of a cloud server charged according to the real usage in 20-second intervals. This option is advantageous in particular for service providers who suffer from regular significant fluctuations in their server load - e-shops, microsites designed for radio and television advertising, websites actively promoted on social networks, etc.


Discount Offer on Virtual Servers

Master Internet has significantly reduced all tariffs of virtual servers. The cheapest VPS tariffs now start at CZK 320. With the VPS leasing the customer can work with the server as if it were dedicated only to them, although in practice the HW resources are shared. Nevertheless, Master Internet guarantees processor performance, dedicated RAM and disk space for each VPS.


We Have Received ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 Certification

Master Internet has received ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2006 certificates. The extensive audit of our company was carried out by TÜV SÜD Czech, a reputable certification company, which found that all processes in Master Internet comply with the ISO standard. By receiving these certificates the company has confirmed the superior quality of their services.


Certification Audit Completed

Today we have successfully completed the final certification audit for the implementation of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2006 standards. Master Internet is hereby becoming one of the few providers of server hosting in the Czech Republic, who meet this strict international information security management standard.


Master Internet Provides Hosting Services to Customers of T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

T-Mobile Czech Republic has fully launched their comprehensive range of hosting services. Master Internet has become their subcontractor after winning an extensive tender and subsequently collaborating with T-mobile on the implementation and mutual integration of information systems for over a year.


Cloud Hosting Price Reduction

On account of the growing volume of services provided on our cloud platform, we have reduced our prices. For a new offer of Cloud Hosting click here.

Year 2011


Renovation and Expansion of Master DC Brno Energy Centre

We have successfully completed an extensive renovation and expansion of the energy centre in Master DC Brno today. The changes include complete rebuilding of the HV section, construction of a new section of the transformer station, installation of an additional transformer with output power of 1 MW, and new LV switchboards with a modern system of protection devices. These modifications are the basis for further planned expansion of the Brno data center.


Cloud Platform Upgrade to vSphere 5

We have completed the upgrade of our cloud platform to vSphere 5 today. That means a definite freedom in performance and capacity of offered VMs (Virtual Machines). The theoretical limit per cloud server is currently 32 cores and 1 TB of RAM. The upgrade was performed without any downtime for our existing customers. We also provide our cloud customers with a new virtual asset-aware firewall - vShield Zones.


New Hosting Service

In the recent months, we launched a new hosting service using the most progressive form of virtualization - cloud. Cloud hosting is the lease of a virtual dedicated server on a platform with high availability and the possibility of flexible growth. Within the scope of launching the new service, we prepared a special offer on the basic cloud package for our new and existing customers - Cloud Hosting with a 90% discount for the first three months.


New HP Dedicated Server Configurations

We have announced our new HP configurations of dedicated servers. The price offer on HP ProLiant DL120 G7 starts at an attractive amount of CZK 2185 per month excluding VAT. There is also a special offer on the Proliant DL160 G6 series from HP. Pre-built servers have various configurations from 250 GB SATA drives to fast 600 GB SAS drives including HW RAID. Hot Swap technology allows you to replace the drive without any interruption of machine operation.


Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001

We have entered the process of implementing the Quality Management System according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and Information Security Management System according to ISO/IEC 27001:2005, expert document preparation and precertification audit.


New MasterDisk Service

MasterDISK - backup and archiving

We are launching our new MasterDISK service today. MasterDISK is an advanced product for backup, archiving and data sharing. It is a shared data storage, which is accessible through a web interface or can be mapped as a virtual drive in the system. Administration of users and groups, including the setting of access rights to individual folders is part of the service. Guaranteed service availability is a matter of course. For more information see


Data Flow in Our Network

The total data flow in our network has exceeded 40 Gbps.


New Master Internet Website

We have launched our new website today. We hope that you will enjoy it. If you have. any suggestions, please send them to

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