Most interesting technology current events

technology current events Refresh your knowledge and talents:
the best technology events in the autumn 2018

Every IT expert knows that staying in tune with technology is necessary to don't get drown in that massive wave of new trends and technological developments. One of the best ways to keep updated and fresh is attending tech summits.

These conventions are an excellent opportunity to get feedback through conferences, exhibitions, and workshops related to information technology.

Tech summits are also a good way to contact colleagues around the world and find cooperation opportunities. Take a look at the technology current events waiting for you.

Technology current events

The world moves fast and technology adapts itself to these changes. More than ever, tech summits are essential to bringing together experts in order to promote a global community of people committed to innovation and positive changes through technology. Let's see what we can expect from the technological summits this year.

Oracle Open World

October 22 to 25

The city of San Francisco, California, will host all enthusiasts interested in Oracle. The sessions will cover topics such as IT infrastructure, cloud platform (PaaS), emerging technologies, cloud transformation, intelligent applications in the cloud and Oracle cloud infrastructure (IaaS).

In addition, there will be space for those entrepreneurs who want to make a demo of their products. The event will include the participation of experts and digital marketing services to guide you in the development of your sales platform.

Among Oracle Open World speakers, there are important executives and developers of the company that will share with you what's new in Oracle. For sure this is one of the most exciting technology current events for ITs. 

World Summit AI

October 9 to 10

If you are passionate about artificial intelligence, you cannot miss these two days of conferences in Amsterdam, Holland. This summit is considered the most important of the year concerning the latest advances in AI.

The event was so successful in 2017, that this year will double its capacity. More than 6000 attendees from 100 countries will put their eyes on the stage where 140 of the most brilliant minds in the world of artificial intelligence will share their knowledge.

The 2018 IA World Summit will discuss topics that go from solutions applied to companies to mind-boggling innovation and AI ethics.

Tech events are an excellent platform for networking. Photo by from Pexels

Cyber Security Chicago

September 26 to 27 

As its name reveals, this technological convention focus on everything connected to cybersecurity. More than 100 seminars will be given to four thousand attendees. Also, around 90 experts will give lectures concerning the challenges of cyber security nowadays.

The summit will put together cybersecurity experts, hackers, technicians specialized in the latest technologies to avoid cyber attacks and CEOs of different companies. Definitely, this is a must among the technology current events.

Gartner IT Infrastructure Conference, Operations Management and Data Center

December 3 to 6

Under the slogan "Allow the digital future: speed, agility, and resilience", the goal of the meeting is to make an approach to the development of new technologies and methodologies related to the cloud, Edge Computing, and IoT. , DevOps and AIOps.

The conference will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and you will have the possibility to interact with more than 2,500 experts like you. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the current possibilities of infrastructure, future strategies, and operations in the cloud environment.

The conferences will be divided into 10 modules. The topics of the sessions go from hybrid infrastructures in the cloud to leadership and cultural transformation.

Symposium Gartner / IT Expo

November 4 to 8

Barcelona city will host the most important convention in Europe of CIOs and top IT executives. The objective of this symposium is to reveal emerging trends and provide expert information that will enrich your vision and business strategies.

6000 executives from different parts of the world are expected to attend this year. The program is structured to offer 400 lectures, an expo where you can find more than 140 solution providers, establish contacts with your colleagues and have the personal assistance of a Gartner analyst to guide your own project.

AWS re: Invent

November 26 to 30

Join the global Cloud Computing community on AWS re: Invent. The event will take place in Las Vegas and is a good opportunity to obtain AWS certification through on-site exams that will be available to participants.

Some of the most interesting sessions of AWS re: Invent cover topics such as Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices, Advanced VPC Design, Introduction to AWS Cloud9, C5 Instances and the Evolution of Amazon EC2 Virtualization.

You can also have fun in the Hacks & Jams sessions where participants must face challenging tasks by using the AWS services provided on site. The winners will be those who bring the best solution for specific cases using AWS services. Of course, there will be special prizes.

You can also attend Bootcamps, associated Bootcamps, and AWS Certification Exam Readiness Bootcamps. You must bring your own laptop for these activities. 

Do you have any other technology current event in mind? Let us know in the comments! 

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