Peering with DE-CIX and AMS-IX members

We have launched 10GE peering with members of the DE-CIX and AMS-IX European peering centers. The German and Dutch peering centers are among the largest in Europe.


Master Internet Data Transfers Are Increasing

5 Gigabits per second - This is the peak rate of the data flow from our network to other networks in the Czech Republic within the NIX peering centre. Over the last month our transfers within NIX increased by 1 Gbps.


Updated Offer of DELL Servers

We have extended our offer of dedicated configurations with branded DELL servers. The current list of available configurations can be found on the server equipment page. For information about individual tariffs and prices, please see our price list of dedicated servers.


We Are Lowering Our Prices and Increasing Our Limits

New prices of our services came into force today. At the same time, we double the limit for transfers to NIX and lower the price for excess transfers. For more information you can visit the individual pages with price lists for server housing, dedicated servers, managed servers and rack housing.


Data Flow Reaches 4 Gbps at Peak Times

The total outgoing data flow from our network to other networks in the Czech Republic within the NIX peering centre reaches 4 Gbps at peak times. 0.5 GB of data is transferred every second at peak times.


IPv6 in the New Master DC Prague

As of today, Internet Protocol Version 6, i.e. IPv6 is accessible at Master DC Prague. Compared to IPv4, IPv6 significantly extends the address space. For more information please contact our Sales team.


Master DC Prague Data Center Ceremonially Opened

We have opened our new and, for the time being, also our largest data center, Master DC Prague located at 46 Kodaňská street, Prague Vršovice.


Construction of Master DC Prague

A new Master Internet data center is growing up in Prague Vršovice at present. You can watch the progress of construction of Master DC Prague here.


GTS Access Point

We have built a new 10GE access point in the GTS Papirny Telehouse in Prague. The point is built on DWDM transmission technology with a capacity of 4 x 10GE. Provided services: IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity on FE, GE, 10GE ports. MPLS services: L3VPN, EoMPLS.


New Technologies You Can Use

There are PS/2 - USB converters available in our data centers, allowing you to work comfortably with servers that do not have PS/2 ports, including access via KVM over IP.

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