KVM over IP Also in Prague Data Center Now

The KVM over IP service for remote server management is available also in the TTC data center now. Its availability is limited to working hours on weekdays only.


A New Section on Our Website

We have launched a new section of our website with photos and a description of our new Brno data center Master DC Brno.


Improved Peering

We peer directly with the Cesnet academic network and the Netbox network in Brno with a capacity of 1 Gbit/s. With this connection the route to servers hosted in our Brno data center has shortened for Cesnet and Netbox users from Brno. The non-optimal routing of data via Prague has been removed.


Data Flow at 2 Gbps

Our transfers in NIX have exceeded 2 Gbps. Statistics.


Increased Connectivity to NIX

We have increased our connectivity to the NIX node to 3Gbps.


New KVM over IP Service

We would like to draw your attention to our new service "KVM over IP", which enables remote server management. This type of connection provides the same capabilities as when working directly with the given device. For more information see KVM over IP.


Looking Glass in Operation

The looking glass server for AS24971 autonomous system is working again: looking glass.


Download Test

You can test your data downloading speed from the new testing server which is located in our data center in Brno.


Open Days in Master DC

Open days are currently being held in our new Master DC data center. Come to visit us on 24 or 25 October from 12 AM to 6 PM. Small refreshments will also be provided.


Data Flow Has Reached 7 Gbps

Today the data flow of our network has reached the level of 7 Gbps.


Master Internet at Invex

From 23 October to 27 October you can visit us at the Invex Fair. You can find us in pavilion G1, booth 14.


Data Flow Is Increasing

The current data flow in our network has reached the level of 6.8 Gbps.


Cisco Registered Partner

We have become a registered partner of Cisco Systems, whose technology is the basis of our network. The American company has been in business since 1984, ranking among the major players in the network technology market.


Transit Connectivity Increased to 20 Gbps

We have connected a new 10GE Cogent transit. The total flow of IP traffic of our AS reaches 6 Gbps. The total capacity of transit connectivity is currently exceeding 20 Gbps.


New Brno Data Center

Today we have opened the announced new data center "Master DC Brno". The data center is equipped with the latest technologies:

  • Area of 250 square metres, possibility of mounting racks and shelves
  • Raised floor 80 cm
  • Precise pressure air conditioning
  • UPS and motor generator backup
  • Fire suppression system with FM-200 inert gas
  • Prepared cable routes from the building's ascension pipes
  • Rittal racks 600 x 1,000 x 2,200
  • MAI 4 Gbps connectivity, upgradeable to nx10Ge


Data Flow at 5 Gbps

Transfers in our data network have reached 5 Gbps.


IPv6 Available in Brno

Today we have provided the first customer with IPv6 connectivity in our Brno Cejl data center.


New Website

We have launched our new website today. We believe you will find it clearly arranged and helpful. If you have any suggestions, please send them to


New Data Center Brno

We are completing the construction of data center 2 in Brno Cejl location. The start of full operation is planned for September 2007.


  • Area of 250 square metres, possibility of mounting racks and shelves, creating separate cages
  • Raised floor 80 cm
  • Precise air conditioning 2 x 100kW, prepared to mount 4 x 100kW
  • 1 x UPS 80 kVA, prepared to mount 6 x 80kVA with three blocks in parallel run
  • Motor generator 540 kVa
  • Fire suppression system with FM-200 inert gas
  • Prepared cable routes from the building's ascension pipes
  • Rittal racks 600 x 1,000 x 2,200
  • MAI 4Gbps connectivity, upgradeable to nx10Ge


Support of IPv6 in Master Internet Network

We have begun to support the IPv6 protocol within all our services. Connectivity is currently available in Prague Sitel and Brno Cejl locations. Coverage will gradually be extended to our entire network.


Technological Improvements

In the Brno Cejl telehouse, we have completed the upgrade of the power supply network with a total capacity of 400 KW and now we will realize additional 250 m2 of telehousing space for the ever-growing demand for our services. An even greater expansion is planned for Prague.


Maximum Data Flow at 4 Gbps

By yesterday the maximum flows of IP traffic in our network have reached the level of 4 Gbps, which is an increase of 1 Gbps over the past nearly 3 months.


New Hosing Service

From June of this year we will be providing a new housing service with guaranteed 1 GE and 10 GE ports for applications with high data demands, run on Cisco technology. The service will be available in our Prague TTC data center for now.


Peering with Slovak SIX Centre

Today we have launched peering in SIX. The data flow should gradually grow as Slovak operators will activate peering connections.


DWDM Is Coming

We are preparing to launch the DWDM technology within the next few months. It will enable us to upgrade the existing routes to multiples of the 10 GE speed. The main spinal boxes are already going through upgrade to the Cisco 650X series with 10 GE support.


New Access Point in Bratislava

A new SIX Bratislava access point based on the Catalyst 6500/Sup720 platform has been built. It will enable us to connect customers through ports with speeds up to 10 GE. At the same time we enhance peerings with SIX.


Data Flow Has Reached 3 Gbps

By yesterday the flows of IP traffic in our network have reached the level of 3 Gbps, which is an increase of 100 % over the past 6 months.


Preparing for 10 GE Technology

A 10 Gigabit port for LambdaNet transit connectivity has been connected today. It is the first step in switching our network to the 10 GE technology.


Extension to Ostrava and Slovakia

During the second quarter of 2007, our housing services will be available at new server rooms in Ostrava and Bratislava.


Technological Innovations

We are expanding our housing centre on Cejl street specialized in housing of servers on shelves. In the following months another UPS and diesel generator will be added. For more information, please contact our Sales Team. We thank all our existing customers for their trust.

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