We Offer .cz Domains

Register your .cz domains with us. You will pay CZK 400 for registration and then CZK 675 per year. Please contact our Sales Department.


SSL Certificate: We Will Arrange It for You

Do you need an SSL certificate for your website? It provides data transfer between the server and the browser and is absolutely necessary for the vast majority of web projects. Master Internet offers its arrangement and a price from CZK 1,050 per year.


Special Offer on Dedicated Server

In the updated price list you can also find a dedicated server with 500 gigabytes of data from CZK 2,990. For details see our price list of dedicated servers.


Technological Improvements to Our Network

The Sprint, Level3 and 2 x NIX lines with total capacity of 600 Mbps are in full operation. We are also preparing, among other things, a direct connection to a point in the USA.


Would You Like to Work at Master Internet?

For vacancies and the description of currently available positions, please visit the Careers section.


We Support WebDAV

On our servers we fully support WebDAV (or MS WebFolders). Installation and configuration is provided on request from the customer.


We Are Testing an Uplink to Level3 Communications

From today on we are testing another primary uplink to Level3 Communications. The total international connectivity is thus 300 Mbit at peaks.


We Are Preparing Customer IS

We are preparing a comprehensive customer system for our customers, which should be operational by the end of the year. The customer IS will enable clients to operate and monitor their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Connection to NIX

At present we have both redundant lines to the Prague NIX peering centre in operation.


We Have Become Members of NIX

Master Internet has become a member of the NIX peering centre a company associating Internet service providers (ISP) in the Czech Republic. We will gradually revive peering with individual Czech ISPs. There is a 100 Mbps line active now and we are preparing another 100 Mbps in a different NIX node.


Virtual Servers

As the first company on the Czech market we provide the Virtual Server service which takes advantage of hardware virtualization on several separate virtual machines.


Technological Innovations

Access points of terminal fixed lines for the customers of our network cover Prague and Brno using optical and wireless technologies.


We Have Obtained Our Own Autonomous System

As the first hosting company in the Czech Republic we have obtained our own autonomous system (AS) which enables us to offer our customers the highest quality of connection and services. The system is registered under the code AS24971.


New Website

We are launching a new web presentation of our company. Welcome to Master Internet, s.r.o.

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