Master Internet presents completely new virtual server service called simply VDS, using VMware software and Dell EMC hardware.

„We do come with a completely new type of service which we call simply VDS (virtual dedicated servers). Unlike conventional virtual servers (VPS), VDS is built on a full virtualization. So it is not only about virtualization at the operating system level,“ says Master Internet administrator Pavel Žák. VDS service is running on the VMware platform and its key advantage is – each disk is dedicated to single customer only.

Other highlights include the VDS’s high performance at very low cost and maintaining all the benefits of quality services: high stability, hardware RAID, dual connectivity, dual power supply and monitoring – all of these are already included in VDS. The service is operated on the high-end server hardware (Dell EMC PowerEdge R630) designed for high availability services.

There are two configurations available 5 cores, 46 GB RAM with an optional dedicated disk or twice of that size 10 GB RAM, 92 GB RAM and a combination of SSD and SATA discs. Both key operational systems Linux and Windows are supported. „I even think that for customer running on Windows, VDS servers will be very popular. Precisely because of the fact that they have hardware RAID controller which is highly recommended for Windows,“ says Pavel Žák.

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