The Czech office of Dell EMC announced a new strategy for providing cloud services. Instead of investing in their own data centers and creating competition to their own partner base, Dell EMC decided to support local partners in the regions. Master Internet has become the first so-called Dell EMC Preferred partner for cloud services in the Czech Republic. Customers no longer need to store data in a cloud abroad, but thanks to this strong partnership, they can use local services.

We have excellent technology for building private and public clouds, and on that account we decided to use it with our partners to support their own clouds. Public cloud customers are often interested in where their data is located, and it is therefore very important to support local partners and their credibility," says Ondřej Bačina, Enterprise Brand Manager at Dell EMC Czech Republic.

Due to the symbiosis of the new partnership, major players in the local market can use cloud storage services in the Czech Republic. The currently growing trend is to demand cloud solutions, along with other data services. Companies, however, do not have enough resources to build their own data center, or such data center would not be efficient enough. Until recently, Dell EMC was offering cloud services of their own data center located in the UK, which was not fully convenient for Czech conditions. Now with the partnership between Dell EMC and Master Internet, customers who require Czech services have a range of cloud services at affordable prices and with Czech facilities available to them.

Dell EMC was helping us ever since our beginnings, and we are very satisfied with this technology. That's another reason why we have our Cloud built on Dell EMC: PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage, PowerConnect Networking. When Dell EMC approached us with an offer of future cooperation, it was a natural evolution of our partnership," says Filip Špaček, COO, Master Internet.

The result of mutual cooperation are mainly better prices for Dell EMC customers and partners and mutual co-marketing. In addition, by this partnership the Czech Republic ranks among one of the few offices in Europe, which managed to establish cooperation in providing cloud services for local partners.

I am pleased to see that the Czech Republic is again at the forefront of the EMEA region, since we are one of the first offices which entered into this kind of partnership," comments Jiří Kysela, CEO of Dell EMC Czech Republic.

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