The Prague data center has recently been the filming location for part of a comedy The Final Exam, which will be in cinemas this November. The Final Exam director Tomáš Houška chose the Master Internet data center because of its extensive and visually modern premises.

How Did the Filming Go? It Was Not Easy

Data centers have their rules and strict safety regulations. "In addition to being constantly watched on site, I think the whole scene is also filmed on about twelve security cameras," laughs Houška. Who had never been in a data center is also usually surprised by the huge noise from fans and air conditioning which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, so you feel like at the airport. It is virtually impossible to record the sound in there. "That is true," admits Houška, although appreciating the other side of the coin: "but I think that in the end the filmmakers were happy that they could hide from the heat, we were filming in the summer, and when you have filming lights adding to the July sunshine, we had a nice sauna in the usual interiors, which fortunately was not the case in the data center."

Why Master DC Prague?

The director chose Master DC Prague for the filming because he liked the size of the space as well as the technical facilities. "This data center is one of the largest in the Czech Republic and it breathes the high-tech atmosphere," says Houška and adds: "It was important for the filmmakers that they fit comfortably in there with the whole crew and equipment, and they could even film in the offices above the data center."

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