Data Storage

Space for backup and long-term archiving

Store data securely in storage based on your specific data storage purpose and volumes. Archive your files for decades and restore them when needed.

Why to rent data space?

It will make backup more efficient

Separating backups from the operating environment ensures safe and fast recovery and minimizes losses.

It will free up space on the production server

Casting archive data from production servers to external storage saves space on the hard disk of these servers.

It will helpe observe the law

It is required by law to keep accounting records, tax documents or, for example, insurance records for a period of ten years.

It will provides security for data

The data space in our data centres is constantly monitored, access to it is possible only from a few IP addresses.

What to use data space for?

1. I need to share production data

  • One storage for several servers
  • save storage space on production servers
  • for smaller volumes of frequently used data
  • suitable technologies: storage server, disk array

2. I want to backup and archive

  • important data in the security of the data centre
  • space for large volumes of data
  • reliable recovery of files from backup
  • suitable technologies: storage server, backup server

Hardware solution varieties

Backup server

Lease of space on a standard backup server. You pay for capacity on a server that is shared with other customers.

from 0.11 €/ 10 GB

Storage server

If required, we set up space for customers on a dedicated server, which is not shared. The number of disks and the type of RAID are also determined individually.

from 19.2 € / TB

Disk array

We offer customers the rental of space on a disk array. A SAN connection leads to it, which guarantees low latency and high bandwidth. Guarantees 99.99% availability.

from 0.19 € / GB

Main differences

  Backup server Storage server Disk array
Flexible capacity increase
Dedicated performance
High availability
Low latency
High bandwidth
Data encryption

Software-defined storages

It is a storage optimised by software that is separated from the hardware storage and which controls it. It usually offers the possibility to deduplicate data, replicate it, snapshots, or back it up.


Software designed to replicate data within computer clusters that distributes data across multiple storages. It offers a wide range of configuration options and automatically responds to any hardware failures. This makes it easy to manage.


Scalable network file system (NAS) suitable for managing large volumes of data. Data from each storage server can be automatically replicated to the other server.


Object storage for VMware vSphere. Like Ceph, it is not suitable for small applications. It requires several nodes to operate, we recommend at least three servers.

What can we help you with?


Software configuration and implementation


System deployment


Setting up and optimising data storage


Storage management and monitoring

Not sure how to store your data?

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