Kasa.cz: Cluster Solution

From Managed Servers to Cluster Solution

In 2008, Kasa.cz was voted the second fastest growing company in the Czech Republic. However, further growth of the company was limited by their unsatisfactory server solution. The existing managed servers were therefore replaced with a cluster solution.


Low Availability of Applications, Limiting Performance of Servers

Kasa.cz was using conventional managed servers. They, however, limited the fast-growing e-shop due to their low performance, often becoming congested, and the availability dropped to 80 %. Lower computing power of the used hardware made it virtually impossible to deploy more sophisticated order processing or pricing algorithms, so the operator was forced to use only a semi-automated system. A large part of the work at Kasa.cz was therefore performed manually.


Server Cluster that can Withstand even Seasonal Peaks

One of the main requirements was increase in performance, which must be sufficient for normal workload caused by tens of thousands of unique visitors per day, as well as the load generated particularly by service scripts or seasonal load peaks. Combining into a cluster not only enables distribution of power, but also prevents the failure of one or more nodes by distributing labor among others.

The cluster is based on a hardware load balancer by Cisco Systems, which distributes the workload among different nodes. These comprise five HP blade servers, all with quad-core Intel Xeon processors and 4 GB of RAM. The database is located on a separate dual-processor blade server and replicated in real time to an identical backup machine. At peak times, it therefore manages to handle several million complex SQL queries per hour.


Even the customers themselves could notice the transition of Kasa.cz servers to Master Internet. More than 70% of orders are now executed without the need for human intervention due to full automation.

The automatic pricing system can more flexibly respond to changes in prices from suppliers in different countries, and immediately reflect them in the prices in the e-shop. When there is a drop in prices from suppliers, the online store offers their customers a better price immediately and not after a few days.

It means that everyone benefits from the shift to Master Internet's Managed Server service Kasa.cz as well as their customers.

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