Our company has been operating in the field of internet services since 1996. Thanks to the success on the foreign hosting market and our role as a reliable supplier of international IP connectivity, Master Internet has gradually specialized itself as a leading operator of data centers in the Czech Republic. Our main goal at the moment is to assist companies in analyzing technical implementation of server projects, corporate data security and their access. With the increasing price of electricity, we also focus on the latest technology to reduce consumption.

We are aware that consistent high quality can only be achieved through a quality policy that covers all activities of our company and all its employees. Meeting our customers’ needs is a permanent part of our daily work and a presentation of our company’s quality principles.

1. Quality

Quality is a top priority in our company. We guarantee it through qualification and an active approach of our employees. We realize that the quality processes in our company ultimately determine our future.

2. Respecting our customers

We provide our services and products in requested quality and set deadlines. We maintain close relationships with our customers and we are able to promptly react to all their requests, needs and expectations.

3. Economy and efficiency

We have developed a partnership cooperation with our suppliers. We have taken measures to lower expenses and stop all forms of inefficiency.

4. Colleagues

We respect all creative and professionally adept employees and coworkers who are willing to further educate themselves in their respective fields. We strive to constantly motivate them to be productive, thereby creating conditions for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. We support steady development in our key employees, both in their professional competence and in knowledge in management, communication and teamwork.

5. Information security

Implementing the information security system serves to secure the so called Business Continuity in our company, to minimize insurance claim risk by preventing security incidents and reducing their impact on the company, on our customers and interested third parties, to protect company information assets against internal, external, targeted or accidental security incidents and reduce the impact of their eventual emergence to a tolerable level, to protect information against unauthorized access, to ensure information confidentiality, consistent care for information integrity and availability in business processes, to adopt and apply measures resulting from legislation that applies to the operation of the company, to set up a Business Continuity plan and then ongoing maintenance and testing on the topicality of critical conditions, to provide regular training on information security for all employees and to report any present or anticipated security incidents to the person responsible followed by a careful analysis.

The Integrated system policy is issued as a separate document in the company and all employees are familiar with it.

In Brno, 14th March 2014,
Ing. Filip Špaček, Ph.D., PVIS

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