We have completed an extensive update our cloud platform in Brno (increased performance and extended data space by tens of terabytes). The update is also related to the newly offered Site Recovery technology which provides customers with full backup of the entire project in another city in case of fatal failure at the primary location.

Our customers need not worry about a long-term dropout in the event of a major failure of the primary data center where their project is running (fire, failure of backup power systems, etc.). With the Site Recovery service the customer has their project asynchronously replicated to the cloud location in another city (Prague – Brno), which is an invaluable form of complete system backup. It is because in case of complex systems it can take several days to restore data from a standard backup. Besides, standard backups are usually performed only once a day, so in restoring you lose new data from the last day. In addition, with Site Recovery a certain number of VPS backups can be maintained, so it is possible to rescue, for example, a virtual server's file system corrupted due to an OS error, because you can instantly return to the last working version of VPS from your backup.

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