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The pioneer of augmented reality is asking you to abandon social networks

According to Jaron Lanier, we are approaching an apocalyptic scenario where everybody will be conditioned by Social Networks. Discover why. Continue reading

Computers could read your dreams and even decode them very soon

What if a computer could reveal the meaning of your dreams? What if the same computer could project your dreams as a movie after you wake up? This can happen very soon. Continue reading

How to recognize between a virtual machine, a virtual server and a virtual network

If you are new in virtualization, you must take a look at this brief introduction to get to know its basic architecture. Continue reading

How to backup cloud servers? Find it out here

Discover the difference between a cloud server backup and a physical one and get to know which vendors can help you with it. Continue reading

The future of augmented reality technology will be in the cloud

Get to know how the integration of augmented reality into the cloud will change your interaction with the world. Continue reading

Facebook stress: the social network controls you through dopamine

How much time do you spend on giving and checking your likes every day? You could be under Facebook stress. Continue reading

How to start using OpenStack

Find out how the basic OpenStack architecture works and the current possibilities to start using it. Continue reading

Why is Nanotechnology a way to play God?

What would you think if a small robot, almost invisible, could connect your brain to the Internet, cure cancer or destroy the Earth? Discover the universe of nanotechnology. Continue reading

Cloud technology in cars can save your life and make it more enjoyable

The next automotive revolution will happen thanks to the cloud technology in cars. Find out why. Continue reading

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