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Unwanted Spam Calls: How to Verify Them?

Do you want to know who is calling you every time before you pick up the phone? Get rid of spam callers with these simple tips. Find out who is calling you and block them today. Continue reading

The Quick Introduction to Microservices Architecture

The microservice architecture is an innovative approach to creating applications. Learn what kind of solution it offers to developers. Continue reading

The Ultimate Containerization Guide: Docker, Kubernetes and More

In this piece, we’ll delve into what containerization is, some key terms you’ll need to know, some of the top container platforms as Docker and Kubernetes and some recommended implementation approaches. Continue reading

10 Google tricks that were out of your radar

Did you know that Google allows you to do this? Get to know its hidden tricks. Continue reading

Best relaxation apps for IT minds

It is time to relax after those intense hours of coding and dealing with infrastructure maintenance. Take a breath with these relaxation apps. Continue reading

A comprehensive introduction to understanding what an API is

Have you ever heard about APIs? Discover the messenger that makes app communication possible. Continue reading

Best free Windows firewalls to protect your PC

No matter what Windows version you use, these firewalls can help you to keep your PC safe. Continue reading

Containerization explained: what it is, benefits and applications

This is why you should consider containerization as a serious alternative to replace a VM. Continue reading

Part 3: WordPress REST API - creating an app for publishing posts

How to use the REST API in WordPress? We show you how it can be used practically and skillfully on the example of developing an app. Continue reading

Part 2: A Beginners' guide to WordPress REST API

In the second part of the series, we present you a simple tutorial on how to learn the basics of REST API and try it in practice. Continue reading

Crypto news: a millionaire is building an utopian city run on Etherum

Nevada's desert is the place where one of the craziest cryptocurrency projects is taking place. Discover what is the plan of this man in love with Etherum. Continue reading

Technology and digital trends: what will we see in 2019?

An exciting year is coming regarding technology. Take a look at what you can expect in the IT sphere. Continue reading

What is machine learning and where can it be applied?

The future is here: this is how machine learning is providing computers their own way of thinking. Continue reading

5 cryptocurrency wallets to keep your digital coins safe

Looking for a place to save those bitcoins? Take a look at the best five cryptocurrency wallets on the market Continue reading

8 things you must consider before going into your first app development

Want to jump into app development? Hold on! First of all, read this advice. Continue reading

The pioneer of augmented reality is asking you to abandon social networks

According to Jaron Lanier, we are approaching an apocalyptic scenario where everybody will be conditioned by Social Networks. Discover why. Continue reading

Computers could read your dreams and even decode them very soon

What if a computer could reveal the meaning of your dreams? What if the same computer could project your dreams as a movie after you wake up? This can happen very soon. Continue reading

How to recognize between a virtual machine, a virtual server and a virtual network

If you are new in virtualization, you must take a look at this brief introduction to get to know its basic architecture. Continue reading

How to backup cloud servers? Find it out here

Discover the difference between a cloud server backup and a physical one and get to know which vendors can help you with it. Continue reading

The future of augmented reality technology will be in the cloud

Get to know how the integration of augmented reality into the cloud will change your interaction with the world. Continue reading

Facebook stress: the social network controls you through dopamine

How much time do you spend on giving and checking your likes every day? You could be under Facebook stress. Continue reading

How to start using OpenStack

Find out how the basic OpenStack architecture works and the current possibilities to start using it. Continue reading

Why is Nanotechnology a way to play God?

What would you think if a small robot, almost invisible, could connect your brain to the Internet, cure cancer or destroy the Earth? Discover the universe of nanotechnology. Continue reading

Cloud technology in cars can save your life and make it more enjoyable

The next automotive revolution will happen thanks to the cloud technology in cars. Find out why. Continue reading

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